Is This the Microsoft Office for Windows 8 Users Have Been Waiting for?


A presentation that leaked past weekend could provide Windows 8 users with an idea of how the Windows Store version of the Microsoft Office Suite of productivity apps will look when they do finally arrive. Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrott was among the first to share the screenshots of what could be the version of Microsoft […]

Which Version of Microsoft Office Is Best For Your Needs?

Which Office Is best For Your Needs

Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity apps aren’t just best in class. Chances are that if you’re have a business of some scale or are a student you live in Office’s Word, the suite’s word processing utility. With all of that utility and power comes a big problem: there are a handful of different versions of […]

Office in More Places, Outlook Coming to Windows RT Devices

outlook logo

Windows RT users will get a new way to manage their contacts, check email and monitor their upcoming event calendar when they update to Windows 8.1 this year thanks to Outlook 2013. The announcement, which capped off festivities at Microsoft’s TechEd event for IT administrators and business users, means that any tablet powered by Microsoft […]

Microsoft Makes It Easier to Take Your Office 2013 License to a New PC

Office 2013

Speculated to have responded to negative comments and public policy, Microsoft has once again amended its Office 2013 license terms to make owning Office 2013 more consumer-friendly. Users who own Office 2013 can now migrate or transfer their Office license to a new PC should their old PC fail or if they decide to upgrade […]

Are You Ready to Rent the New Office From Microsoft?


We’ve known this has been coming for awhile now. Microsoft wants to move all those Office users into its Cloud. That’s what Office 365 is all about. No more boxed software, but instead customers pay an annual rental or subscription fee and have access to Office 365 that way. It’s a bold move for Microsoft […]

Microsoft Details Office for Windows Phone 8 Features

Office for Windows Phone 8

Yesterday Microsoft announced the new Office 2013 for Windows 8 and Windows RT, and today the company offers some details on the new Office for Windows Phone 8 as well. On the Office Next blog, Microsoft spent a lot of time going over the new Office 2013 features, but also touch briefly on the Windows […]

Windows RT for ARM Slates Will Come Bundled With Office 2013


In unveiling its next-generation Microsoft Office 2013 desktop suite, Microsoft had confirmed that the software package, along with Skype for communications, will be bundled at no cost for owners of the company’s Windows RT platform, which is essentially a scaled down version of Windows 8 that will run on hardware with ARM processors. In its […]