The Outlook Shut Down Mystery

Do you see the message displayed in this graphic when you shut down and reopen Microsoft Outlook 2007? James Kendrick says he’s seeing it on all his machines. I see it more frequently than I would care to as well. In fact, I’ve begrudgingly learned to live with it, sad to say. A number of the […]

Inking Not Working in Office?

Jeffrey Kent, a loyal GBM reader, was having a heck of a time figuring out why inking was disabled within Office 2007 on his Fujitsu P1620. James Kendrick and I even spent some time helping him through the debugging process. Through many emails back and forth, support calls to Microsoft, and to Fujitsu, it turns […]

Are You Still Using Microsoft Office?

Interesting little meme on Twitter this morning started by Robert Scoble with this Tweet: My Microsoft Office trial is over. I am not spending $450 just to get Outlook. Gmail and Google Calendar win this game: big time That prompted quite a few others to chirp in and say that with the exception of Outlook […]

Outlook Tip: Add Pen Options to Quick Access Toolbar

One of the frustrating things about Office 2007 is how the inking tools are hidden under the Review Ribbon button. The ink options are harder to find, further sends the message that ink is a second-class citizen in Office products, and breaks that flow of “thinking in ink”. When I want to ink, I don’t […]

OneNote 2007 Training for the Beginner

The Office Online training team has just published a new training course designed to educate new users about OneNote 2007. In addition to the training course, there is a short quiz to make sure you know all the basics of this popular Tablet PC application. Check it out! ( via Michael Oldenburg and OneNote Extensibility […]

Microsoft Opens Office Live Workspace Beta

Everybody into the cloud. It sure seems like it today. On the heels of the Google Gears announcment, Microsoft is announcing that the Office Live Workspace Beta is now live worldwide (albeit in English only). Users can share and access their data online and Microsoft is rolling out several new features. Office Live Workspace lets […]

Microsoft Expanding Online Services

In the past, it was often too difficult or expensive for small businesses to use the full suite of Microsoft business applications. Last November, Microsoft announced Microsoft Online Services for businesses of 5,000 employees or more, and today, they announced that they were expanding availability of Online Services to businesses of any size. Also announced […]

Using Ink in Office 2007

Dennis O’Reilly has penned (perhaps literally!) a great article on using digital ink in Microsoft Office 2007 apps. Although he’s specifically talking about Office 2007, many of his tips and hints actually work just fine in earlier versions of Microsoft Office. I know I’ve sent many handwritten emails using Outlook 2003, for instance. In my […]

Microsoft Office SP1 Now Available for Download

It is raining service packs it seems. Microsoft has released The Microsoft Office suite Service Pack 1 for public download. (note that silly small ‘s’ in the title.) Unlike Vista SP1, this is not a release candidate and is the official service pack release. This service pack is really more about fixes than it is […]

Office Mobile 6.1 Finally Available Again

Back in September we posted about the availability and sudden unavailability of Office Mobile 6.1. Turns out info got released from Microsoft a bit too early and they pulled the info. Well, now Office Mobile 6.1 is finally available. 6.1 is an upgrade for Office Mobile 6.0 that allows you to read native Microsoft Office 2007 […]

How To Blog in Ink Using Word 2007

Chris Paris is a very active reader and forum member, helping others in our forums with tablet pc issues, etc. He’s written the following article for us on how to blog in ink using Word 2007. – Chris Paris  I’ve been an early adopter of using MS Word 2007’s blogging features, having used it for […]

Microsoft Takes Steps to Get Into the Cloud

Microsoft is announcing its strategy to get into the cloud focusing on two different types of services, “Live” and “Online.”  Live is targeted at individuals and small businesses and Microsoft is preparing to roll out a beta of the newly christened Microsoft Office Live Workspace around October 1. Online is targeted at the enterprise customer. Both look […]

YouTube Tablet PC How To – Powerpoint Annotating

I’m not sure if these are going to continue or not (this is the first one) but YouTube user jgvanides has posted a ‘Tablet PC Tip #1 over on YouTube.  This is a quick once over with some tips on how/why to use Ink in a Powerpoint presentation.  This might be one to keep an […]

Microsoft Office Mobile 6.1 Now Available

Microsoft has rolled out an upgrade to Office Mobile 6.0 that now allows you to read native Microsoft Office 2007 file formats. If you recall, Office 2007 introduced a new file format based on Open XML, but the new file format at the launch of Office 2007 wasn’t available on other platforms. Of course there […]

Josh Einstein’s Outlook Ribbon Interface

If you’re one of those who wished Microsoft had been consistent across the Microsoft Office 2007 suite of applications and added the Ribbon Interface to Outlook, you might want to take a look at this work in progress. Josh Einstein, the amazing developer of Tablet Enhancements for Outlook (TEO 3.0) has been tinkering with a […]

Office 2003 SP3 Released

Well, this one caught me and some others by surprise  – Microsoft has released Office 2003 Service Pack 3, which contains a wrapup of previous updates,  security fixes, and stability enhancements as a result of all of those Crash Analysis feeback submissions we’ve all sent in. Here are the download links: Office 2003 SP3 Office […]

Who is Eligible for The Ultimate Steal? kicked off live this morning and the biggest question of all has been: who is eligible for the $59.95 Office Ultimate 2007? Here are the details from You must hold a valid email address at a U.S. educational institution ending in .edu (for example, [email protected]) AND Be actively enrolled with at least 0.5 […]

Office Ultimate 2007: Just $60 for Students

We all know the student budget is a tight one. So, for students, this deal from Microsoft cannot be beat: students will be able to purchase Office Ultimate 2007 for just $60, that is a $620 savings over retail – check it out at Microsoft’s . The offer is valid through April 30, 2008, […]

GBM How-To Series #24 : Optimize Outlook for mobile UMPC viewing

One of the things I had to deal with while using my new OQO Model-02 while on the road is viewing my email through Outlook. Remember the OQO has incredible viewing resolutions and zoom options. However, his was only part on my solutions. In this How-To, I will show you some of the things I have dome to […]

Replace the Office 2007 Ribbon with the Classic Office Menu

I’m sold on the Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon interface (or Fluent user interface) but there are some that are not. Well, if the Ribbon isn’t for you then here’s a way to go back to the classic office menu structure of Office 2003. You can download several add-ins that give you that familar feel for Word, […]