Cool Tool: Share OneNote Notebooks on the Web

Very cool. Daniel Escapa is pointing to a cool new OneNote 2007 Powertoy developed by Dave Tse. The OneNote Web Explorer allows you to convert a notebook into an interactive website. Not only is the Powertoy available for you to download and try out, but Dave Tse has also made the source code available (along […]

Are You in Need of a New Home Office?

Microsoft and HGTV are teaming up to give one deserving person a home office make-over, worth $25,000. Along with a design makeover, led by former Trading Spaces designer Vern Yip, the winner will also be receiving: One Microsoft Office Professional 2007 One Windows Vista(R) Ultimate operating system A one-year subscription to Microsoft Office Live Premium One […]

Microsoft Outlook Team Now Has A Blog

Well, one could say it is about time. But instead we’ll just say, we’re glad this happened. The Microsoft Office Outlook Team has launched a blog, appropriately named the Microsoft Office Outlook Team Blog. (Hey, there’s no small ‘s’!) Now that we’re working on our next release we’ve decided to create a team blog where […]

A Ribbon In Outlook 2007? Josh Is Looking For Feedback

Tablet PC software developer extraordinaire Josh Einstein is looking for your feedback. Not only is he continuing his efforts on the must have Tablet PC application, TEO, he’s working on something new for Outlook 2007.(Click on the thumbnail for a larger view.) Here’s what Josh has to say: Like many of you, I was pretty disappointed […]

Select Mulitiple Emails In Outlook With A Stylus

Here’s a nifty tip from Josh Einstein via Lora Heiny via Craig Pringle. (That’s some lineage for a tip!) If you are using the stylus on a Tablet PC and need to select multiple emails in Outlook 2007 you can do so without having to press the Shift key. Here’s the tip: Josh passed along […]

GBM How-To Series #11 : Inking in Outlook 2007

Today’s How-To is another “short and sweet” that illustrates just how natural the ink experience can be. I mean, what could be more natural than written expression? I remember the wonder of getting ink’ ed emails from Dennis Rice before I had become “Ink Smart”. So, with those who may be new to the inking experience […]

GBM How-To Series #10 : Inking in Excel 2007

Today’s How-To is brought to you from the road. At this moment, I’m blogging from the parking lot of the Tampa Bay Land Rover dealership. Ah, the wonders of EVDO. (Thanks for the AirCard Dennis, you are not getting it back!) :) And no honey, I’m NOT shopping for a new vehicle here. I will be at the BMW […]

Customize the Office 2007 Ribbon

I’ve adjusted quite nicely to the new ribbon interface in Office 2007. But perhaps you’re one of those who’d like to do some customization, or would like to see that interface look more like Office 2003. Patrick Schimd as a customization tool for you. The Ribbon Customizer v1.1 allows you to have it your way […]

Are You In The Groove?

William, one of the new writers at Student Tablet PC, has an interesting article on using Microsoft Office Groove to sync documents between computers. Syncing is always a topic of considerable debate among mobile and multiple pc users as everyone searches for the Holy Grail of syncing. I personally have not checked out Groove at […]

Replace Outlook 2007 ‘sticky note’ with link to OneNote

New blogger to the OneNote testing team John Guin has posted up a small little addin.  This replaces the Sticky Notes module in Outlook with a link to open up OneNote. I got an email from a user yesterday who wanted OneNote to replace the Sticky Notes module in Outlook. I had been wondering if anyone […]

GBM How-To Series #3 : Creating an appointment from an email in Outlook 2007

Have you ever needed to create a task or appointment that included the details that are contained in an email you received? Unless you know this handy little how-to, I bet you did the old copy-paste trick. There is an easier way. Check this out.   GBM How-To Series #3 : Creating an appointment from an email […]

GBM How-To Series #2 : Linking to OneNote in Outlook 2007

This week’s How-To is one that I have found extremely useful for keeping your Outlook 2007 appointments and OneNote 2007 notes organized. Like many, I have used Outlook for managing my calendar, and OneNote for keeping my notes organized. I never considered joining the two. When I first used OneNote to record audio on OneNote […]

The Unofficial Guide to Outlook 2007 is shipping

If you are looking at getting the most out of Outlook 2007, then you might want to take a look at Marc Orchant’s new book, The Unofficial Guide to Outlook 2007. Knowing Marc and his knack for the detail, I’d be surprised if anything was left uncovered. Marc Orchant runs a ZDNet blog called Office […]

Outlook input needed from the Tablet PC community for Microsoft

We met with Microsoft’s Outlook Program Manager last night. They are in the planning stages for Outlook 14 and 15, and have requested some specific information from the tablet pc community in regards to Outlook and tablet pc / ultra-mobile pc usage. What they are looking for is how you currently use Outlook with your Tablet PC […]

Microsoft Pushes Through Vista Updates

If you have automatic updates turned on you may have already notice that Microsoft has pushed through a series of updates for Vista, Office 2007, and other products. The DreamScene Content Package is one of those updates if you are running Ultimate. For a list of what was updated, patched, etc.. check out this article […]

A Tool to Customize the Office 2007 Ribbon

I’ve gotten very used to the Office 2007 Ribbon interface and have to say I like the new interface very much. But I’m sure there are those who are still adjusting and those who want to customize to their heart’s content. Microsoft MVP Patrick Schmid has come to the aid of those who want the […]

Getting Things Done Outlook Add-In update available

A lot of Tablet PC and Ultra-Mobile PC users are really in to productivity solutions, so it should be of no surprise to hear Tablet users sing the praises of David Allen’s Getting Things Done method of time management. forum member Steve Beller just let us know that NetCentrics has released a much anticipated […]

Tips for OneNote 2007

We have talked about him in the past, but the Microsoft OneNote Blogger Daniel Escapa is constantly putting up tips for using OneNote 2007.  If you aren’t following him, go check out what he has been posting the past couple of days… Shift Click on a Notebook Create Section from a list OneNote iFilter for a […]

Best Buy was busy!

Well, my first day of demoing Vista and Office 2007 is over. As soon as 10:00 hit, I could see lots of folks headed back to the Microsoft Vista / Office 2007 software shelves to get their copy of Vista. Best Buy reps told me that the morning is normally not busy, but because of the […]