7 Tips for HTC One Max Buyers

Pictures of what's rumored to be the HTC One Max.

In just a few short days, HTC is expected to debut a brand new smartphone that will join the HTC One and the HTC One Mini. The device, currently known as the HTC One Max, looks like it will be a solid Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor. Better yet, it appears that it’s headed to […]

Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One max Photos Give Best Look Yet

The backs of the Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One max compared.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One max are poised to go head-to-head later on this year and new photos have surfaced depicting the two giants next to each other before their upcoming release dates in the United States. Earlier this month, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 3, its successor to the popular Galaxy […]

HTC One Max Could Borrow iPhone 5S, Galaxy Note 3 Features

We check out the Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. iPhone 5 camera comparison.

A new HTC One Max leak suggests that the device could borrow features from both the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Apple’s rumored iPhone 5S. The HTC One Max is rumored to be a larger version of the HTC One and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor. Rumors suggest that the phone will boast a […]

HTC One Max May Bring Big Sense 5 Update

The HTC One Max is rumored for September with a 6-inch display.

The HTC One Max is rumored to be HTC’s Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor. The device, which has leaked out several times in the past, has seemingly leaked out again today in a specification leak that lines up with all of the HTC One Max rumors we’ve seen emerge in the past few months. With […]

HTC One Max Launch Getting Closer

The HTC One Mini is said to be smaller version of the HTC One.

The HTC One Max launch date is getting closer as the device has been spotted passing not one, not two, but three Wi-Fi certifications ahead of its upcoming battle with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. It’s becoming clear that HTC and Samsung are set to met again, this time in a battle for large screen smartphone […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Right Now


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is a good phone, a great phone even almost a year of existence. However, those who may be in the market for a smartphone right now or in the next month of so would be wise to hold off on buying Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. In August of last year, […]

HTC One Max Render Clearly Shows Its Galaxy Note 3 Competitor

This is the HTC One Max.

HTC is expected to launch a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor dubbed HTC One Max. And while we’ve gotten a good look at the rumored device already, a leaked render of the HTC One Max clearly shows the company’s Galaxy Note 3 competitor, a device that looks very much like HTC’s current HTC One. For […]

8 Exciting Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Competitors

The Galaxy Note 2's only real strength at this point is its price. And even that is flimsy.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is heavily rumored to be coming to shelves later this year to replace the current Galaxy Note model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. However, the Galaxy Note 3 won’t be alone this fall. In fact, the device will likely see a number of competitors emerge from the shadows in the […]

HTC One Max Carriers Shape Up as Launch Nears

Check out these essential, but hidden, HTC One features.

While the HTC One Max still remains unofficial, the device known internally as the HTC T6 has seen rumors pick up in recent days with rumors pointing to a launch in September and now, a launch on the United States’ second largest 4G LTE carrier, AT&T. The HTC One Max, also known as the HTC […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One Max: What We Know So Far

The HTC One is cheap at Amazon. The Verizon HTC One likely will be too.

The battle between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One is only the beginning it seems as the companies are rumored to be doing battle once again later this year with the rumored arrivals of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One Max, a larger version of the HTC One. Last year, we […]

HTC One Max (HTC T6) Rumored for Verizon

The Verizon HTC One release date may be August 1st.

HTC’s rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3 competitor, known under its codename HTC T6 and its rumored retail name HTC One Max, is rumored to be heading to a couple of carriers in the United States including Verizon Wireless, the nation’s largest 4G LTE carrier, a carrier that still hasn’t even released the smaller HTC One. […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. HTC One Max: 5 Things to Know

Galaxy Note 2 review - S Pen

Currently, the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are battling for the attention from consumers in the market for a new smartphone. However, later in the year, HTC and Samsung are likely to tangle several more times including in the phablet sector as HTC is rumored to be trying to tackle the rumored Samsung […]