OneNote 2010 Update Fixes Search and OCR Issues


The OneNote 2010 has issued an update that fixes some OCR and Search issues. Here’s the relevant excerpt from the blog post: A non-security update for OneNote 2010 32-bit/64-bit Editions was also released.  This update provides fixes associated with displaying search results, fixes to optical character recognition (OCR), indexing, and displaying of inserted documents.  Additional […]

Microsoft Releases Patch for Ink Shifting in OneNote 2010


If you’re a OneNote 2010 user and noticed the occasional shifting of Ink when you scrolled down a page (some Ink would appear gone, then it would magically appear again) then this patch might be for you. From the OneNote Testing Blog: For the select customers facing Inking issues with OneNote 2010 we highly recommend […]

OneNote 2010 Answers on File Formats and Data Portability

Ask and ye shall receive. Since OneNote 2010 has been released as a Technical Preview there have been a lot of user questions about the new file format and data portability between the past version and the new version. Daniel Escapa from the OneNote team to the rescue with answers. He’s blogged how this all […]

GBM Shortcut: Inking in Word 2010 and OneNote 2010

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Are you in to Tablet PCs? Wanna take a sneak peak at inking in Word and OneNote 2010? Then take a quick look at this GBM Shortcut video where I demo inking, screen capturing, and customizing pen favorites. This is not an indepth review – just a short look at some of the cool stuff […]

David Rasmussen on What’s New in OneNote 2010

David Rasmussen of the OneNote 2010 team has a post about what’s new in OneNote 2010.   He calls it a 30,000 foot view that highlights the big ideas and is promising more detailed entries from the team down the road. There is a lot of good info in the post so check it out. […]

OneNote 2010 Getting Short Shrift in Early Office 2010 Coverage


I really shouldn’t be surprised that OneNote 2010 is getting short shrift in the early coverage of Microsoft Office 2010. After all, Microsoft succeeded in keeping OneNote a super secret application for so long, that it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you scan the coverage (again it is still early) there is very little […]

OneNote 2010 Info Begins to Trickle Out

It is a slow trickle, but it is starting. In a blog post, David Rasmussen is letting us know that the OneNote team is anxious to start getting information about OneNote 2010 out to the public. That’s good. I think the legions of OneNote fans are eager to hear it. Remember, OneNote is the killer […]