How to Turn Your iPad Air 2 Into a Surface Pro 3

how to turn your ipad air 2 into a surface pro 3

The iPad Air 2 is often described as the best tablet money can buy, but people also love the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 because it works like a laptop and runs full Windows software and it works like a tablet. However, if you just forked over between $500 and $830 for the new iPad Air 2, […]

12 Best iPad Writing Apps and Other Tools


It was a dark and stormy night… Writers begin with an idea and let their imaginations lead into a journey that with a careful crafting of words eventually tell us a story. It’s a very personal process for what in the end most hope will turn into a very public presentation.  Every writer is different […]

Microsoft Updates OneNote for iPhone and Mac


Microsoft pushed through updates for OneNote for the iPhone and OneNote for the Mac today bringing features that the OneNote team says were the most requested by users. That’s a theme Microsoft has been using lately, most recently with updated versions of the Microsoft Office Apps for the iPad. The new features for both versions […]

OneNote for iPad Review: Missing Too Many Notes


Microsoft is making a big play to woo iPad users who like, or are forced into using Microsoft Office at work or home. After the recent release of the Office Apps for the iPad, most of the attention has been focused on the versions of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. But there is another Office App that […]

How to Clip a Webpage to OneNote on iOS Devices


There’s just a lot of information out there on the Internet. Stuff we want to read later. Websites offering products we might want to think about purchasing later. Clever bits of writing we want to hang onto. Links. If you’re on the web each day, you’re watching the world go by page after page after […]

Migrate Notes from Evernote to OneNote with Evernote2Onenote


Evernote and OneNote have always been in competition to store your digital stuff in the Cloud. OneNote lost quite a few users to Evernote because Microsoft never really pushed OneNote beyond its own ill defined borders. But Evernote pushed hard into the world of mobile computing and quickly became a favorite because it worked on […]

OneNote for the Mac: Review


Microsoft is on a cross platform tear these days and that’s a good thing. The big news about that was the release for Office Apps for the iPad last week. But a couple of weeks before that, Microsoft made a flanking move in the cross platform wars and released a version of OneNote for the […]

Microsoft Brings OneNote to the Mac, Makes All Versions Free to Download


OneNote, the note-taking and organization application that Microsoft has traditionally asked users to pay for as a part of Microsoft Office, is now free on Windows machines and the Mac. Microsoft announced the slightly unorthodox move to make OneNote free everywhere in a post on its Office Blog this morning. Though, it’s that aforementioned Mac client […]

Reports: OneNote Coming to the Mac for Free


Perhaps this is a sign of the changing regime at Microsoft. Perhaps it is just change. Either way, if the reports are true that Microsoft is going to release a free version of OneNote for the Mac it should be a win-win for users and for Microsoft. Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley and the Verge […]

How To Make Writing in OneNote MX Easier

How To Make Writing in OneNote MX Easier (10)

Of the apps that Microsoft needed to bring to Windows tablets, OneNote was always the app that made the most sense. Since debuting early last decade in Office, OneNote has become a great way to take notes with a mouse and keyboard and sync them effortlessly between devices. Where OneNote really shines is letting students […]

New OneNote For Android Update Turns Galaxy S3 Into the Notebook It Never Was

OneNote for android

Devices loaded with OneNote for Android, the mobile version of the Microsoft’s classic tool for organizing notes and keeping track of everyday tasks, is getting an update that turns it into even more of an Evernote competitor — especially for users of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. Announced today, Microsoft says the updated […]

Microsoft Surface 2 Top Apps

Screenshot small(102)

The Microsoft Surface 2 seems to be gaining traction with consumers this holiday season. That means that there are going to be Surface 2 users looking for Apps to use on those new devices. Fortunately, Microsoft loads up each Surface 2 unit with a number of Apps that can get you started right off the […]

OneNote for Windows 8.1 Gets Text Scanning and More

onenote share charm

Microsoft’s OneNote for Windows 8.1 isn’t as fully featured as its Desktop counterpart, however a new update bringing document scanning and other features could help it eclipse its older counterpart it terms of usefulness. Announced today on the Office Blog, the latest version of Microsoft’s Metro-style OneNote application allows users to quickly and easily browse […]

Microsoft Apps You Should Have On Your iPhone and Galaxy S4

Skype is available on both iOS and Android.

Microsoft is typically on the receiving end of a lot of criticism these days. The company’s Windows 8 operating system introduced a new swath of changes that both delighted and alienated longtime Windows users. Its Surface RT tablet cost the company $900 million in stock write downs. Very few of the company’s moves can’t be […]

Microsoft Surface RT Review: This Thing Confuses Me


I am truly struggling with my feelings and thoughts about Microsoft’s Surface RT Tablet. There were points on Friday when I first started working with the Surface RT (I bought a 32GB unit with both Touch and Type covers) where I literally wanted to throw up my hands in disgust, pack up the gear and […]

Microsoft’s OneNote Finally Arrives on Android


After having been available on the iPad, Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking application, which is a popular choice among Tablet PC owners, is now available for users of the Android platform. Available for smartphones and tablets, OneNote allows Android users to synchronize their notes with the desktop Windows software, if they are an existing users, and there […]

Office 15 for Windows 8 Rumored to Lack Metro Design UI

Screen Shot 2012-01-31 at 9.16.20 PM

With Microsoft’s camp relatively silent regarding the next version of the Office suite for Windows, there is now some speculation that Office 15 will not be fully touch-optimized as intended. The reasoning behind that, according to sources to The Verge, is that Microsoft is battling time and resources constraint. Instead of a full UI lift […]

A Christmas Wish List for Mobile Geeks and Tableteers


As always this isn’t a list of gadgets, geegaws, accessories, or Apps. This wish list is about things I’d like to see happen in mobile tech in general. As always I’m an impatient old elf and would prefer to see movement here sooner rather than later. Here are links to last year’s wish list as […]

Microsoft OneNote for iPad Disappoints


I just downloaded Microsoft OneNote for iPad after learning about it on the Microsoft OneNote blog. I haven’t been a OneNote user for quite some time, but I was excited to see that OneNote was available for the iPad. I was hoping to get that great OneNote experience I had when I used it on […]

Microsoft Releases OneNote for iOS, iPad


Though a full version of Microsoft Office still has not hit Apple’s iOS platform yet, Microsoft has released OneNote for the consumer tablet. The iOS version of OneNote is now compatible with Apple’s iPad and can take advantage of the larger screen real estate afforded on the tablet. The tablet version comes with a new […]