MobileNoter Getting Ready for the iPad


OneNote fans who might have their eye on the iPad have friends in the developers of MobileNoter. MobileNoter is an app that lets you sync you OneNote notes to the iPhone and the developers are prepping for the iPad. They’ve submitted an updated app,which has been approved, that optimizes MobileNoter for the iPad’s screen resolution. […]

How searchable are your handwritten notes?


Even if you’re a keyboard junkie, we all jot down notes in some way, shape or form. But whether it’s on paper or on the screen of your Tablet PC, with software such as OneNote and Evernote, your handwritten notes can be nearly as searchable as anything you type, as celebrated today by jkOnTheRun.

Microsoft responds to former VP, lists all their Tablet PC application


Alright, looks like Microsoft isn’t taking the criticism from their former VP lying down. They’ve fired back on their official blog and ripped Dick Brass’ take on zero Microsoft Office support for Tablet PCs with this… And in response to Dick’s comment about Tablets and Office, I’ll simply point to this product called OneNote that […]

Inkers Cast a Wary Eye on Apple Tablet Debut


As the announcement of the mythical Apple Tablet creeps closer, and as I’m cranking up an HP 2730p Tablet PC to go back into Ink note taking mode for the final week of rehearsals for The Buddy Holly Story at Wayside Theatre, I know there are quite a few Inkers out there who are a […]

MobileNoter Releases New Edition with WiFi Syncing


MobileNoter is the app that allows you to sync your OneNote files to an iPhone and also create some quick notes on your iPhone for syncing back to OneNote. The previous edition has focused on a cloud based solution meaning your files synced up to MobileNoter’s cloud and then back up and down to your […]

MobileNoter Releases v 1.0 adds Subscription Model


MobileNoter is one of those iPhone apps that I’ve been following and testing with keen interest. Why? Because it allows me to sync OneNote data to my iPhone. I’m a huge OneNote fan and love that application. I often call it Microsoft’s biggest secret that they want to keep a secret because there is so […]

MobileNoter is Now Available


I’ve been trying out MobileNoter for sometime and the folks behind it have now opened it up as a public beta. MobileNoter allows you to sync OneNote files between your desktop/notebook/Tablet and your iPhone. You can check out some of early thoughts on the beta and some screen shots here. Here is the link to […]

Bill Gates Blogs How He Uses Office and OneNote on his Tablet PC

Photo courtesy Microsoft

How does the multi-billionaire master of Microsoft make use of Microsoft Office? Mr. Gates tells all in an entry on the Inside Office Online blog. Unsurprisingly, Outlook is his major productivity tool. A man in his position must constantly be in contact and be able to coordinate among groups. Along with that, he cites SharePoint […]

GBM Shortcut: Inking in Word 2010 and OneNote 2010

onenote for

Are you in to Tablet PCs? Wanna take a sneak peak at inking in Word and OneNote 2010? Then take a quick look at this GBM Shortcut video where I demo inking, screen capturing, and customizing pen favorites. This is not an indepth review – just a short look at some of the cool stuff […]

Sign Up for OneNote for iPhone Beta


Just the other day we let everyone know about a new notetaking application in development: OneNote for iPhone. The MS Team has just posted a registration page if you’d like to beta test the software. They are accepting registrations through July 30, 2009 and are planning to release the beta around the first of August. […]

OneNote for iPhone In Development

I’ve been in correspondence with   TheMSTeam who let me know that they working on a OneNote application for the iPhone. They have been soliciting my feedback regarding prioritization of features for a version 1.0 release. If you are interested in beta testing this application, then look for an invitation on website in the […]

OneNote vs Evernote! Let Ink Be Spilled!


Will OneNote be the one, or will Evernote be forever? You decide at Lifehacker’s Battle of the Desktop Note-Taking Apps! Yes, the productivity blog Lifehacker  has put it to their readers to decide which  desktop note-taking app  will reign supreme. They even give a shout-out to  the Tablet PC niche by pointing out how much […]

GBM Podcast#71: CNBC and Vapor Reporting, Imagine That

Reporting and analyzing the news is always easier when you make up the facts and in GBM Podcast#71, Xavier and Warner take CNBC’s tech reporter Jim Goldman to task for his recent fantasy Mac that he used to compare to a PC. The Podcast also talks about Apple’s recent earnings conference in which Tim Cook […]

OneNote Print Driver Solution for 64Bit

I know some folks will be happy to hear this. David Rasmussen of the OneNote Team has put out a solution that will allow those using 64bit machines to finally use the Print to OneNote function that comes in so handy with that great program. Well it’s been a long time between posts. Without making […]

OneNote Team Using Twitter to Monitor Customer Feedback


John Guinn of the OneNote Team, in a post about setting up and maintaing hardware links to another of his posts about how he and the team are using Twitter to monitor thoughts and feedback about OneNote. They are certainly not alone as many businesses are starting to use Twitter to monitor what is said […]



If you love OneNote like many of us at GottaBeMobile, then you need to checkout, a new user community for OneNote fanatics.

New OneNote Add On: Canvas for OneNote

The folks at OneNote are showing off a new add on that got developed by the folks at Office Labs. That’s the new home of former OneNote Wonder Chris Pratley so the blood lines are pretty solid here. Anyway, Canvas for OneNote lets you take a birds eye view of your notes in a notebook, […]

OneNote 14 Screenshot Posted


OneNote’s Daniel Escapa posted up a screenshot of the new OneNote 14 — notice that OneNote 14 will finally be implementing the Office 2007 Ribbon. Close up shots of the Quick Access Toolbar and Ribbon after the break.

Did You Know You Could Use OneNote For Karaoke?


Daniel Escapa’s OneNote Blog has been quiet for quite some time, but he’s back and telling us the hiatus from blogging has been because the OneNote team has been very busy working on the next version. That’s good to hear and of course, we’d love to hear more about this fantastic piece of software that […]