Teacher Tech Tuesday: Educators Get Microsoft OneNote Free


Tony Franklin, Microsoft Solution Specialist, will present a free webinar for educators about using Microsoft OneNote 2007 in the classroom on Tuesday, January 20th from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. PST.   As an incentive for participating in the webinar and completing the survey that follows the presentation, teachers will receive their very own copy […]

Working On That New Year’s To-Do List? Here are Some Tips

The new year is all about getting your act together and staying on top of those emails, to-do lists, and more. Here are a few software products to help you along the way: MindJet’s MindManager – a very popular application for brainstorming, managing projects, managing to-do lists, and integrating with Outlook. They also make a […]

Simplicity: What a Concept


Yesterday in rehearsals for A Christmas Carol we spent the afternoon working through Act 1 and then the evening we ran through the first act twice to see what our work in the afternoon had accomplished. Fortunately, a hard afternoon paid off with excellent results in the run-thrus. But what made the evening more beneficial […]

Evernote-ing, Mesh-ing and MobileMe-ing Around in Rehearsal


I’m knee deep in Christmas, the London of Charles Dickens with Ebenezer Scrooge, and 34 actors in two casts (including 18 children) as we rehearse a new musical production of A Christmas Carol which opens November 29 at Wayside Theatre. In addition to exercising the creative muscles, and the drill sergeant routine to keep things […]

Next Version of Microsoft Office Coming to the Cloud


No real surprise here given the way things are moving, but Microsoft announced today at PDC2008 that the next version of Microsoft Office will indeed include browser based versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and yes, OneNote. They won’t be fulled featured, (Microsoft is calling them “lightweight”) and they should be comparable to Google’s web apps. […]

PDC 2008 – Following All The Mobile News


Some points of interest for us mobile, Tablet PC and Touch users — This isn’t going to be really a ‘Live Blogging’, but I’ll keep this post updated frequently with some important news coming form the Live Keynote going on right now! Stay Tuned for some Updates! Cool new Taskbar — previews in Full Screen […]

Office 2007 SP2 Slated for 1st Half 2009

Microsoft’s Office Sustained Engineering team just announced that Office 2007 Service Pack 2 will be released between February and April 2009. According to the announcement, individual teams (Word, OneNote, Outlook, etc), will be highlighting some of the particulars fixes in each product, but here are some general improvements to expect: Improved Outlook Calendaring Reliability Improved […]

Tablet PC 101: Sync and OneNote

With my announcement about leaving Evernote for the wonderful world of inking in OneNote, several folks have asked about how syncing is done in OneNote, the issues with using folder type syncing, etc. We have several resources on this topic already that Josh Einstein produced for us. How to set up syncing for OneNote — […]

I’m Leaving Evernote and Headed Back to OneNote

Ok, I have to get this off my chest — I’ve had it with inking in Evernote — it is laggy, recognition is poor, it doesn’t support mixing ink and text, and the pen icons are very aggravating to the eye while writing a note. There, I said it. I feel much better now. I […]

OneNote PowerToy: Calendar Page Maker

John Guinn has created a new PowerToy for OneNote that will make it easier for those to live in OneNote to create calendar pages. Essentially you enter in your start and end date and the PowerToy will create a page for each day for you in OneNote. If you wish to add an agenda for […]

Collaborative Notetaking / Scribbling Resources

Aliza Sherman, of WebWorkerDaily, has a good post on a few utilities for what she refers to as “collaborative scribbling” Bookgoo – free Scriblink – free. If the user wants a customized board to place on their site, Sciblink costs $9 – $29 a month I’ll add another good tool to their list: Microsoft’s OneNote […]

Latest Windows Updates Killed Send To OneNote 2007 & Print Option? Solution Found!

GBM Forum member Blair discovered that the latest updates released just this past week resulted in the elimination of the “Send To OneNote2007″ printing option. Although the problem seemed sporadic (fortunately, I still have mine), Forum member and OneNote2007 developer/guru BruceCr_ms pointed us towards an entry on Daniel Escapa’s OneNote blog that details a workaround […]

Back To An Old Friend and a Suggestion for EverNote

We’re three days away from opening out next show at Wayside Theatre, Moonlight and Magnolias, the story of the writing of Gone With the Wind. That means I’m heavy into note taking in rehearsals on my Tablet PC. For the last several shows I’ve been using EverNote to do this primarily due to its excellent […]

Import Your OneNote 2007 Files In To Evernote

Thank goodness for Twitter and FriendFeed. I just noticed Evernote‘s tweet letting everyone know about their new OneNote 2007 import wizard. I don’t know when this was added, but it will surely make all the Evernote switchers, like me,  happy. Now, all of my previous notes will exist in one program and be accessible via […]

Cast Your Vote on Lifehacker – Best Note-Taking Tool

Lifehacker is running one of their Hive Five polls over on their site, this time it has to do with (Tablet PC’s and) note-Taking tools.  Head over and give you input on what tool should rank number one – or at least in the top 5.  Make sure and read carefully on how to enter, […]

Outlook E-mail Management – PIFEM

We have talked about this in the past, but I thought it might be worth noting again since it came up again in a comment on Rob’s Outlook post.  GBM reader Steve  reminded everyone of the PIFEM system.  That stands for Pay it Forward Email Management system from Ian Palangio, a Business Productivity Specialist at […]

GoBinder to OneNote 2007 Conversion Utility Released

One of the biggest requests folks have had when making the changeover from GoBinder to OneNote was how to port all those notes. Prior to today, the only way was to “print” them, one by one, using the OneNote 2007 printer driver. I know of this pain quite well, because I was a huge GoBinder […]

New OneNote Blog Arrives – Education Focused

If the folks on the OneNote team know how to do anything, it is designing great note-taking software and blogging about it OneNote team member Mike Tholfsen just began a new OneNote blog centered around education, entitled “OneNote and Education“. There couldn’t be a better product geared toward students and teachers than OneNote, so the […]

Nifty Navigation and Search Tool for OneNote 2007

Daniel Escapa links to a nifty little tool for OneNote 2007 by Artem Larin. InstantNavigator allows you to enter the name/title of a note and the list of notes is instantly updated with notes that contain the matching parameters in the title.       Tags: InstantNavigator, OneNote+2007

OneNote and Office Communicator

Daniel Escapa lists a handy tip for OneNote 2007 users who also use Office Communicator 2007. OneNote joins the party: Communicator and your phone have never been closer; in fact, for some, they are one and the same. Since no phone is ever far from a notepad, we integrated Communicator with Microsoft Office OneNote. If […]