Big Sony Purchase makes the PS4 Best Buy For Some

Save big with new PS4 deals including a great PS4 trade-in deal upgraders can't pass up.

It seems Sony is about to become the only real key player in the online game streaming space. Sony has purchase the streaming patents once held by OnLive, making PlayStation Now the only real option for users who’d like to digitally rent video games over the internet. OnLive, the company that was formed out of […]

New OnLive Services Arrive To Do Battle With the Xbox One and PS4


Two new services from cloud-gaming company OnLive could undermine the gaming ecosystems of the PS4, Xbox One and Steam Machines before they even have a chance to safely establish themselves with buyers. OnLive, which became synonymous with overreaching technology companies after it sort of imploded in on itself due to financial pressure, unveiled two new […]

OnLive Is Slowly Dying


Cloud gaming service OnLive is in a bit of trouble, but the service should continue running for sometime. The first rumors of layoffs at the company came from Mashable, and now Kotaku reports the company filed for “a form of bankruptcy” called Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors. The status protects the company from creditors. […]

Ouya Android Console Gets OnLive Support And A Controller

Ouya Controller

Ouya, the Android-powered video game console that’s making its way through Kickstarter will play more than just Android games when it launches. Today Ouya announced that it will support OnLive when it launches next year. Gamers who back the console on Kickstarter will get the chance to use the cloud gaming service on their TV […]

OnLive Universal Controller Support for Nexus 7 In the Works

Onlive Universal Game Controller

The Nexus 7 packs in a powerful Tegra 3 Quad core processor perfect for playing beautiful looking action games, but the lack of a controller can ruin the experience. Thankfully the OnLive Universal Controller should soon support the Nexus 7 tablet. OnLive support responded to our question about using the OnLive Universal control with the […]

OnLive Still Seeking Approval for iPad App

Onlive Ipad gaming

Last year OnLive released its cloud gaming app on Android and submitted a similar app for the iOS App Store. The iOS app is still missing, but OnLive is working on it. According to TouchArcade, OnLive is still working with Apple to get the app on the iPad. Despite apparent setbacks, the company still wants […]

Forget Everything Else, iOS 6 Needs iPad & iPhone Game Controllers

iPad controller 8-bitty

The iPhone and iPad have changed the way we game. Consoles collect more dust and the Nintendo DS has trouble keeping up with sales of the Apple’s gadgets, but we could do so much more. Playing games with on-screen controls can’t compare to using a physical controller, especially for fast paced action games. It’s not going to […]

OnLive Desktop Switches Its OS to Appease Microsoft

OnLive Desktop

Last month it came to light that Microsoft had a problem with OnLive Desktop, the app that puts the Windows desktop on the iPad and Android tablets. Now it looks like the two companies have settled their differences. The issue with OnLive Desktop was the app previously offered a virtualized Windows 7 desktop to users […]

Apple Planning a Physical iPad Controller to Take Gaming Up a Notch?

icade bitty

The new iPad has the graphics power to play spectacular looking games, but if Apple is serious about taking a bite out of the home consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3, the company needs to bake in support for a physical iPad controller. According to AnandTech, Apple may already be working on a physical controller […]

OnLive Could Be In Trouble With Microsoft Over OnLive Desktop

OnLive Desktop

It looks like OnLive, the company that specializes in cloud gaming and desktops, could be in trouble with Microsoft. Microsoft believes that OnLive Desktop violates licensing terms for both Windows 7 and Microsoft Office. OnLive Desktop is an iPad and Android app that lets users use a Windows 7 desktop along with Office and Adobe […]

OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office Suite, Windows 7 to Android Tablets

OnLive Desktop

After having been available for Apple’s iOS-enabled iPad, OnLive is bringing its OnLive Desktop app to Android tablet users. The software is essentially a client to access a hosted remote desktop on OnLive’s server, where users would get their own partition with Microsoft’s Windows 7 OS and access to Microsoft’s Office suite–including Word, Excel, and […]

OnLive Desktop to Bring Windows 7 to the iPad

OnLive Desktop running Windows 7 on iPad

OnLive makes an awesome cloud-based gaming platform and pushed their gaming tool to mobile devices recently when they released a version that runs on Android and iPad, although the iPad version never made it to the App Store for some reason. At CES 2012, OnLive grabbed attention announcing OnLive Desktop, a new app that will bring […]

Best of 2011 Awards


Here’s a list of products and services that represent the best gear we have seen all year. Most of the gadgets and services on this list are so good that many of the GottaBeMobile staff own them and use them on a daily basis. That says a lot considering that some of us go hands-on […]

Play Console Games on Your iPad, iPhone & Android with Onlive

Onlive Ipad gaming

Gaming on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices is about to get a lot more fun and a lot more amazing thanks to the launch of Onlive gaming for mobile devices. Onlive is a new type of gaming service that essentially streams the game to your device. This allows machines that don’t have awesome graphics capabilities to play console and PC […]

Hot Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for the Week of March 4th


Here is all the important notebook, tablet and smart phone news for the past week. Obviously coverage was dominated by the iPad 2 announcement, but we have a great collection of new videos and other news to share as well. Notebook News and How To’s from ASUS launched a few new gaming notebooks including naked eye 3D […]

OnLive Brings Quality Gaming to Almost Any Computer


Our friend Josh Smith showed off his tests of  OnLive running on his MacBook air. The results are pretty impressive. In our tests of the gaming system, we have found that if you have a fast Internet connection the games are only limited by your ability and the occasional stutter or infrequent crash. That […]

OnLive Games Offering 2K Games Half Off This Weekend

Screen shot 2011-02-24 at 8.58.07 AM

We’ve been testing out the new OnLive Game System and it’s pretty impressive, with just a few problems. So we thought we’d share a weekend sale Onlive is having on 2K Games. This weekend users can get 50%-70% off many popular 2K Games titles including NBA2K11 and Major League Baseball 2k10. Each day of the four-day […]

What’s Hot in Notebooks and Tablets for the Week of Feb 18th


Another week is behind us which means another week of tech news and reviews to keep up on. We’ve rounded up the most popular news, how tos and reviews of the week from and GottaBeMobile to make sure that you know what’s happening in the world of notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Hot News from […]