Opera Coast iPad Browser Goes Full-Screen With Gesture Controls


Opera thinks they have nailed down the perfect web browser for the iPad, and it relies mostly on gestures and using websites as “apps” in order to make the web browsing experience a little bit more bearable on a tablet. The company has released its Coast browser, and it’s only available on the iPad and […]

Google, Opera Dumping WebKit for New Blink Browser Standard


Google and Opera had announced that they will be moving their browsers away from the open source WebKit rendering standard to the new forked, Google-developed Blink standard in the future. The move would affect Google Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and the Opera browser. “This was not an easy decision,” Google writes in its blog. “We […]

Opera Browser for Tablets Teased, Debuting at CES?

It looks like Opera is teasing a tablet-optimized version of its browser for Android, which the company is boasting for its smooth panning and zooming features. For now, the preview video is short, but hopefully we’ll be getting a more detailed peak at CES. Via: Engadget

Geeks Moving to Chrome, Consumers Still Running IE and Firefox


Geeks will dump a browser and adopt another if it proves to be faster and have more bells and whistles. Techcrunch is reporting today that Google Chrome is used by more of its visitors than any other, ripping the title away from FireFox after four years. Google Chrome is currently my favorite browser and I […]

Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta Now Available for Android Users


Opera Mobile 10.1 is now available for Android users in beta format via Android Market, the official applications storefront for Android users. While Opera Mini has been available for Android for quite some time now, Opera Mobile offers a more complete browsing environment with text and graphics that are natively rendered on Android devices rather […]

Opera Mini Browser Aiming for iPhone, Begging the Question: Why?


It looks like in many aspects of the mobile space, picking fights is becoming de rigueur. Ahead of the Mobile World Congress, the folks behind the Opera browser are announcing that they’ve got a Opera mini client ready for the iPhone and are offering some sneak peaks to attendees at that event. Of course wide […]

Why Opera Unite Could “Reinvent” the Web


Reading through Dan Frommer’s analysis at Silicon Alley Insider, “Opera Unite Isn’t Going To ‘Reinvent’ Anything,” one gets the impression that Opera Unite doesn’t have the mainstream appeal needed to live up to its promise of “reinventing” the web. Granted, it is a grandiose claim of which anyone should be dubious. However, Dan overlooks several […]

Opera Unite: A Server in a Browser

Opera Unite services

Been pondering ways to repurpose my old Tablet PC. One thought was to turn it into a server to act as a hub and connection point for my files and whatnot, but I’ve been too lazy to implement that. Turns out, my sloth may have paid off. The folks who brought us Opera, the super-speedy […]