Oppo Find 7: The Best Phone Around That You Can’t Buy in the U.S.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 and upcoming HTC One are both excellent smartphones, but there’s other impressive Android smartphones that will probably never make it to US markets. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has been teasing its latest flagship smartphone, the Find 7, and today it was officially revealed. Offering top-tier specs that blow away anything […]

50MP Smartphone Camera Coming, But HTC One not Phased


Nokia may hold the crown when it comes to megapixels in a camera on a smartphone, but that crown could soon be taken away from a newcomer on Android named Oppo. Things like the Nokia Lumia 1020 and its 41 megapixel camera come to mind when we talk about impressive cameras on a smartphone, but […]

Oppo to Bring Find 5 Phablet to U.S. Market for $500 Unlocked


Oppo had recently announced that its 5-inch Find 5 phablet will be coming to the U.S. market for just $500 unlocked, which will net you a GSM device without any pesky two-year contracts. The device features a lot of notable high-end specs and will be compatible with HSPA+ networks from major carriers T-Mobile USA and […]

Oppo Find 5 Phablet Gains Extra Girth in Production


The Oppo Find 5, considered to be a 5-inch phablet with specs to rival the much rumored HTC Droid DNA for Verizon Wireless, has now entered production and the company’s CEO has confirmed that it will be slightly thicker than previously anticipated. Rather than the 6.9 mm thickness of the prototype, Oppo now says that […]

Oppo Find 5 Phablet With Pixel-Topping 1080p Display Revealed


Oppo has revealed its phablet competitor to the LG Intuition 4G on Verizon Wireless and the Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T and T-Mobile USA as well as the Galaxy Note II in the form of a 5-inch smartphone called the Oppo Find 5. The device features a pixel-topping 1080p HD display in that form factor, […]

Oppo May Deliver Thinnest Windows Phone 8 Smartphone for Microsoft?


Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo, which had built its reputation for creating the thinnest Android smartphone to date, may be tapped by Microsoft for creating a thin and high-end Windows Phone 8 smartphone. According to¬†WP Dang, Microsoft has expressed an interest in making Oppo a preferred partner for Windows Phone 8, though neither company has commented […]

Oppo Teases World’s Slimmest Smartphone


A new smartphone from China-based Oppo hopes to claim the title of the world’s thinnest smartphone. The race to slim was first waged between Apple and Samsung with the debut of the iPhone 4. Since then, Motorola had released the impeccably thin Droid RAZR–also known as the Motorola RAZR internationally, and the newcomer Huawei came […]