Everything Everywhere Launching 4G LTE a Day Before iPhone 5 Launch

Everything Everywhere logo

Everything Everywhere, the carrier partnership between Orange and T-Mobile in the U.K., will hold a launch event for its new 4G LTE network the day before Apple will launch its new iPhone 5. According to SlashGear Everything Everywhere will hold the event on September 11. At the event the joint carrier will detail its plans […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Begin in the UK

Samsung Galaxy S III Pre-Orders Begin in the UK

While U.S. carriers continue to remain mum about a Samsung Galaxy S III release, UK carriers have announced availability and some retailers have even begun taking pre-orders for the upcoming Android smartphone. All in all, five of the United Kingdom’s largest service providers are expected to carry the Samsung Galaxy S III when it arrives […]

Nokia Unveils NFC-Powered Lumia 610

Nokia Unveils NFC-Powered Lumia 610

Not content with the Nokia Lumia 610 that it just announced at the Mobile World Congress back in February, Nokia has unveiled a new version of the Nokia Lumia 610 that will be hitting UK carrier Orange at some point during the third quarter of this year. This version of the Lumia 610 will have […]

Carrier Orange Announces Santa Clara Android Smartphone with Intel Medfield CPU


Previously rumored as the Orange London smartphone, wireless carrier Orange took to the stage at Mobile World Congress to announce the device as the Santa Clara smartphone, an Android-powered device with support for Intel’s x86 Atom-based Medfield CPU, rather than ARM chipsets. The Orange Santa Clara phone is among the first smartphones to run on […]

Orange London Smartphone Packs Intel Medfield CPU


A smartphone by the name of London–not the same as the leaked BlackBerry London smartphone that we’ve seen floating around–will be headed to UK wireless carrier Orange and pack in the Medfield Atom-based processor made by chip-maker Intel. The device is speculated to get an announcement at Mobile World Congress at the end of the […]

French Carrier Orange Believes Apple Will Launch iPhone 5 on October 15


While iOS 5 is believed to be coming on October 10, Apple may be launching its hardware five days later. According French wireless carrier Orange head Stephane Richard, Apple will debut the iPhone 5 on October 15th. Richard says, “If I believe what we heard, the iPhone 5 will be released on October 15.” It’s […]

HP Pre 3 Support Page Goes Live on Carrier Orange


UK wireless carrier Orange has posted the support pages for the HP Pre 3, a webOS smartphone that was initially unveiled in February alongside the HP Veer 4G and the HP TouchPad. It’s unclear what the delay is that’s holding back the third-generation Pre from launching, but whatever the case it appears that a launch […]

Orange Switzerland Shows September 15 Launch Date for MeeGo Nokia N9


It looks like September may shape up to be a pretty busy month. Along with back to school, the ninth month of the year may be host to the launch of new Windows Phone 7 hardware with the Mango software update, potentially the launch–or announcement–time for Apple’s iOS devices, and now also the consumer availability […]

Orange CEO Reveals Next iPhone to Go Thinner, Smaller


It’s been no secret that Apple’s design mantra has been to go in the ‘nano‘-me direction, even going as far as trying to shrink SIM cards, and now carrier Orange CEO Stephane Richard has revealed that the next iPhone will be both slimmer and smaller. It’s unclear if that means that Apple will be shrinking the […]

Apple Proposes New SIM Standard Smaller the microSIM


Apple wants to take the SIM cards used in GSM phones even smaller. The iPhone-maker has proposed the smaller format to the European telecoms standards body and French carrier Orange is behind the proposition to reduce the size of the SIM card, which could help Apple create thinner, smaller, or sleeker products in the future. Orange […]

Motorola Atrix Arrives in The UK

Motorola Atrix

The time has come for our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom to be able to get their hands on Motorola’s dual-core handset, the Motorola Atrix. The device is available right now exclusively from Orange and while it won’t be rocking AT&T’s HSPA+ speeds, it’s certainly a device to have a look at. […]