Keyboards Don’t Sell Tablets


Attention everyone who thinks a keyboard is the key to beating the iPad: 2009 called. They want their thoroughly disproved idea that tablets need keyboards back.

Mobile PC Visionary Otto Berkes Leaving Microsoft

Photo courtesy Microsoft

Though he’s probably best known as one of the original XBox founders, Otto Berkes was a key figure in the Tablet and Mobile PC world. Yesterday, he announced his departure from Microsoft, leaving a big tablet-shaped hole in their brain pool. Brier Dudley of The Seattle Times broke the news. As lead developer on Origami […]

Windows 8 Immersive looks like Origami 3.0


As screenshots from Windows 8 circulate around the ‘net (round-up at, I feel as if I am unable to appreciate the new elements being introduced because I’ve seen them before. They were already introduced five years ago. By Microsoft. On tablets. What’s being called “Immersive”, I call Origami 3.0.

Microsoft’s Folds


Remember when all the talk was about UMPCs and folks were hitting up Microsoft’s for all the latest hints and clues about what this new platform would bring us? It seems like eons ago, and a lot has happened in the mobile industry over the past several. Unfortunately, the UMPC concept never really took […]

VREO Tablet PC Versus Laptop Video

VREO, a real estate software company that focuses on Tablet PC e-signature software, has a brief 4:36 minute video outlining the differences between a Tablet PC and a laptop.  This is a good video for people new to the Tablet PC arena or anyone who might use a Tablet PC in real estate.  If you’re […]

HTC Shift – Delivered This Morning!

A couple of weeks ago I had posted that I might be moving to a regular laptop as my main ‘work’ computer (not personal mind you :) ).  I also said that I wouldn’t mind checking out the HTC Shift to maybe use as a ‘companion’ device to that laptop.  Well, the good folks at […]

CES 2008: Origami Experience 2.0 Released

Looks like the Origami Team just released the Origami Experience 2.0 according to the Origami Their are four applications in 2.0. Origami Central updates the original OE application to allow users to access media, but has added a fully-optimized browsing experience for UMPCs and a RSS reader. The media features have also been extended. Origami […]

Define The Ultra-Mobile PC

How times quickly change. When the Origami / Ultra-Mobile PC platform was rolled out in 2006, Microsoft and Intel defined the platform as having a touch screen that was seven inches or smaller. They then modified that to include devices with active digitizer screens like the OQO Model 02. Now, we are seeing devices like […]

ASUS R2E Product Info

ASUS has posted a new product page for the ASUS R2E Ultra Mobile PC. This system really excited me! It has a 7″ SunRead “glare-proof” touchscreen, built-in 3G module, fingerprint reader, 1.3 megapixel camera, Bluetooth and WiFi, all running on Windows Vista. For me, one intriguing element is the ASUS InfoPen. Although the pen in […]

Microsoft’s UMPC Usage Scenario Survey has posted a request for folks to fill out a survey on UMPC usage and perceptions. As an incentive they are giving away some prizes, too. So, here is your opportunity to give some feedback to Microsoft and help impact future design. Here are the details from Dear UMPC Enthusiasts, As part of […]

GBM InkShow: Amtek T770 Ultra-Mobile PC

 I’ve seen a lot of Ultra-Mobile PCs here at, but I have yet to see a UMPC perform as snappy as the Amtek T770. With its good performance, configurable buttons, and well designed track stick / mouse buttons, the T770 should make the short list of anyone looking for a UMPC. Unfortunately, there are a few niggles […]

The Intel MID vs The Microsoft Ultra-Mobile PC

Layne Heiny, of, has some very insightful commentary on the state of the ultra-mobile pc space and how it lines up with the Intel MID. Layne doesn’t mince words when he says: Sitting back and considering the events over the past six months, one can easily get all excited over the silly drivel about Intel […]

Loren On What MIDs Mean for the UMPC Market

Loren Heiny, a Microsoft Tablet PC MVP, has written up a fantastic essay on his thoughts regarding the Moorestown prototypes and the MID devices rolled out during Intel’s IDF conference. Intel is squarely marketing its platforms as a Mobile Internet Device, not a UMPC–even though they toss in UMPC support every now and then. It […]

What Is Your “Go Back and Get It” Device?

Picture the following: You are in your car about to leave and you suddenly realize that you forgot your “device” . You stop and think: “Do I need it enough to go back and get it?”.  That scenario was posed to us during the February 2006 Microsoft Mobility Partners conference, where the groundwork for the […]

The Hole in Our Lives‘s Jeremy Wagstaff has written a really good article about on the “hole” in our lives that companies are recognizing and trying to fill with the UMPC / internet tablet / mini computer. The hole, as recognized by many, is the place between a cell phone and laptop. In a lot of ways, Jeremy is […]

How To Get Rid of the Virtual Mouse

Does the virtual mouse touch pointer on Origami/UMPC devices drive you a bit crazy? It certainly drives me bonkers until I get rid of it. I also know that in the GBM Forums asking how to remove it, is a frequently asked question. Kevin Tofel of jkOnTheRun has put up a short video demonstrating how […]

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC InkShow

Well, as promised, here is my InkShow review of the Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC.  I spent a LOT of time on this machine, and attempted to answer as many of the questions I could folks posed on it, but there were so many I am sure I missed a few.  I would like to have […]

Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC in da GBM house!

Well, I have been waiting impatiently for my new OQO Model 02 to show up while playing with the new Lenovo X61.  No shortage of fun around here right now.   When I saw a box had arrived today, I got the familiar old feeling I get every time something electronic shows up on the doorstep […]

Azentek’s new UMPC!

 We first got news of this company when at CES this year where I did a quick standup interview with Derek Prentice of Azentek. Since then, we have stayed in touch with Azentek.  Well I recently got an email from Derek, outlining they’re new UMCP being released sometime in July.  This will be called the AxSS (pronounced […]

OQO Model 02 – My biggest "Wow" in a while!

Well, we’ve been talking on for a while about the “Wow” factor being low to people in the Tablet PC arena.  Rob isn’t being wowed enough to keep him happy, Warner seems to think marketing is a big issue, and for me?  Well, I still love the feeling of opening any new box that […]