How to Perform a Clean Install of OS X Mavericks (Update)

2013-10-08 17.22.42

OS X Mavericks is officially out and ready for the public. It’s the latest OS X version from Apple and it comes with a heap of new features, including improved support for multiple displays, desktop versions of the Maps and iBooks apps, an improved Safari browser and much more. It’s available now in the Mac […]

New MacBook Pro Retina Release Date Announced with Price Cut

Apple announces the the new MacBook Pro release date is, today.

Apple announced a new MacBook Pro Retina release date today with a $200 price drop, faster storage, a new design for the new MacBook Pro Retina 13-inch model that trims the weight and the thickness. Each of the new MacBook Pro Retina Late 2013 models comes with an Intel Haswell processor that is a key […]

OS X Mavericks Available Today for Free

Screenshot 2013-10-22 10.20.39

Apple’s Craig Federighi has announced that OS X Mavericks will be available today for all Mac users for free. Previously, OS X updates would cost at least $20, but perhaps what’s no surprise to a lot of people is that Apple has “revolutionized” the pricing structure of its desktop OS, releasing the new version of […]

OS X Mavericks Download Will Add an Hour of Battery Life

OS X Mavericks brings better battery life to HD video playback.

When the OS X Mavericks download arrives later this month it will deliver an extra hour of battery life for users who are running the new MacBook Air, and likely other MacBook devices thanks to a power efficient code that aims to deliver more battery life to users. Apple shared more OS X Mavericks details […]

OS X Mavericks Update Arrives Ahead of Release

A new OS X Mavericks GM version arrives before release.

Today we expect to see OS X Mavericks details arrive, and while the OS X Mavericks release date may be a few days out, Apple quietly pushed out a slightly newer build of the OS X 10.9 Gold Master. Update:¬†OS X Mavericks Update Adds an Hour of Battery Life Apple first delivered the OS X […]

How to Watch Apple Event Live

Watch the Apple October 22nd event live in video on the Apple TV, on iPhone, iPad and Apple computers.

Apple’s iPad 5, iPad mini 2, new MacBook Pro and OS X Mavericks event is slated to start in just a few hours and it is shaping up to be a very fast paced event with a lot of products to announce. The tagline for this event is “We still have a lot to cover.”, […]

OS X Mavericks Release Date and What to Expect from OS X 10.9

OS X Mavericks Beta Download

The OS X Mavericks release date is just around the corner as Apple sets the stage for an October 22nd event and calls for developers to share new Mavericks ready apps with the company. An OS X 10.9 update is not free like the iOS 7 updates, but it should arrive as an affordable upgrade […]

Call for Mavericks Apps Suggests Imminent Launch of Apple’s Next OS X


Apple is now calling out to developers to test and submit their Mavericks-compatible third-party apps as the OS X-maker prepares for the launch of its next generation desktop class operating system. “Make sure your app takes advantage of the great new features in OS X Mavericks when the world’s most advanced desktop operating system becomes […]

7 Tips for New MacBook Pro Buyers

A New MacBook Pro 2013 update is likely just around the corner.

Apple’s fall event is now set in stone for October 22nd which means that new products are on their way. Apple is expected to introduce a number of new products including OS X Mavericks, the new Mac Pro, and two new iPads in the iPad mini 2 and the iPad 5. There are also rumors […]

iPad mini 2 & iPad 5 Event Date All but Confirmed

The iPad mini 2 is rumored for later this year.

The Apple iPad event is all but confirmed for October 22nd wherein the company is rumored to be announcing an iPad 5, iPad mini 2, OS X Mavericks and the release date for the company’s brand new Mac Pro. While the company hasn’t sent out invites to its fall event, known Apple mouthpiece AllThingsD says […]

iOS 7 Feature Pulled Ahead of Release

It's time to clean up any deadweight ahead of the iOS 7 release date.

iCloud Keychain, one of the iOS 7 features that was detailed at WWDC, has vanished from the iOS 7 GM, a sign that it may not be coming with iOS 7 public release when it arrives on September 18th. For months, iOS 7 beta users have been using a feature called iCloud Keychain, a feature […]

iBooks Textbooks Appear Ahead of iOS 7 Launch

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 10.11.38 AM

The early addition of a textbooks area to the iBookstore application, could be best indication yet that Apple is preparing to release iOS 7 following its presentation next Tuesday. The new category began appearing in the iBookstore of beta iOS 7 Developer Beta Program¬†users yesterday. Those users can get access to the new Textbooks area […]

OS X Mavericks Release Date Rumored for Late October


Apple’s OS X Mavericks is in its seventh beta now, which means that the final release is just right around the corner, or at least that’s what we’ve been hoping for. It seems that we might have to wait a little longer than expected, as it’s rumored that the latest OS X version won’t officially […]

iBooks Change Hints at Fast OS X Mavericks Release

This small wording change hints the OS X Mavericks release is at hand.

A small change in the listing for iBooks textbooks in iTunes points to a fast OS X Mavericks release that could come as an announcement at the September 10th iPhone event Apple scheduled for next week. Apple announced OS X Mavericks, also known as OS X 10.9, at WWDC 2013 in June with a Developer […]

OS X Mavericks Release Date & Price Predictions

Check out our OS X Mavericks price and release date predictions.

Apple announced OS X Mavericks back in June at the annual WWDC event sharing a number of new Mavericks features with the crowd and offering a beta for developers, but the company remains mum on the OS X Mavericks release date and price. OS X Mavericks is OS X 10.9, and is first release to […]

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 6 Release Arrives

OS X Mavericks Beta Download

While most Mac users are waiting for the OS X Mavericks release date to arrive this fall, Apple pushed out an update for developers late Wednesday that bumps up to Developer Preview 6. OS X Mavericks is Apple’s new operating system, which was announced at WWDC 2013 alongside iOS 7. Apple is currently on the […]

OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 5 Release Lands

OS X Mavericks Beta Download

The OS X Mavericks release approaches as Apple rolls out Developer Preview 5 to users that are testing the new version of Apple’s OS X system. This release is essentially the OS X Mavericks beta 5 release, which puts it on par with the iOS 7 beta 5 release that landed earlier this week for […]

New MacBook Pro With Better Battery Life Could Arrive in October

We could see a new MacBook Pro update for 2013 with Haswell processors and better battery life in October.

Apple may be readying a New MacBook Pro lineup for September with dramatically better battery life and support for 4k displays. Apple notebook shoppers may want to delay buying until the new MacBook Pro comes out. These new MacBook Pro notebooks could come across the line and may include new Macbook Pro with Retina models. […]

How to Get the OS X Mavericks Beta Right Now

OS X Mavericks Beta Download

If you can’t wait for the OS X Mavericks release date later this year, you can dive into the Mavericks beta, which is better known as a developer preview. The OS X Mavericks beta offers a variety of small changes including better multi-monitor support, tagging for system files and system-wide improvements that should boost battery […]