How to Watch the Oscars Live

The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, 2013.

The Oscars take place later tonight, and if you want to catch all of the action while on the go, here’s how you can stream the Oscars live on your iPhone or other device. The Oscars is one of the highest honors that an actor or actress can receive, and this year many great stars […]

Samsung Galaxy S5 Ad and Galaxy Note 3 Selfie Wins the Oscars

While Leonardo Dicaprio sadly missed out on another chance to win an Oscar during the annual award show this weekend, there’s still plenty to talk about from a technology and mobile perspective. If you watched the Oscars then you all know who the real winner was. Samsung of course. The company had sponsored devices all […]

Oscar Host Uses Sponsored Samsung Phone Onstage, iPhone Off


Ah, life backstage can often be much more entertaining and interesting that life under the bright lights onstage. Take that from someone who has been living that life for three decades now. And Sunday night’s Oscar telecast proved just that. We mentioned earlier that Samsung would have major advertising coverage on this year’s Oscar with […]

How to Watch Oscars Online: 2014 Oscars Live Stream Available

Watch the 2014 Oscars Live Stream from ABC (Image via Oscars)

Movie lovers can watch the Oscars online through ABC and Watch ABC to see the winners of the 86th annual Oscars as the awards ceremony happens. The 2014 Oscars live stream will include host Ellen Degeneres and music guest PINK, and will show clips from the best movies of the year as well as the […]

How to Watch the 2013 OSCARS on the iPhone and iPad

Backstage Pass

The 2013 OSCARS will be held on Sunday at 7PM Eastern and those who cannot tune in on their televisions can see all of the action on the OSCARS mobile app from their iPhone or iPad. This year’s OSCARS will be the 85th occurrence of the event and the host will be Seth MacFarlane. Some of the […]

$1.99 ‘Instagram for Video’ iPhone App Saves Oscar-Nominated Film

Video thumbnail for youtube video $1.99 'Instagram for Video' iPhone App Saves Oscars-Nominated Film

A $1.99 iPhone app saved helped a filmmaker complete an Oscar-nominated documentary. The filmmaker turned to the 8mm Vintage Camera app out of necessity after running out of funds to purchase and process 8mm film for his Super 8 camera. Searching for Sugarman is an award-winning documentary about a musician known as Rodriguez that is a legend in […]

Watch the Oscars Backstage From your iPhone


When Billy Crystal takes the stage for 84th Oscars Awards Show on Sunday February 26th at 7 pm Eastern, you can use your iPhone for a behind the scenes look at the Oscars. You can’t watch the Oscars live from your iPhone, but you can switch between 24 cameras throughout the gala, including the control […]

Hyundai Highlights Free iPad, App in Oscars Commercial

iPad Hyundai Oscars

The best tech commercial I saw during the 83rd Academy Awards last night wasn’t for a tech company at all, but for a car. While the ad doesn’t mention the deal directly, each Hyundai Equus comes with a ‘free’ iPad in lieu of a manual printed on dead trees. The ad closes by telling the […]

Oscar Backstage App: Must Have for Academy Award Show Fans

Screen shot 2011-02-27 at 1.29.47 PM

The Oscars are just hours away, which is when most Academy Awards fans will simply turn on the TV and watch whatever the show’s producers decide to show them. But there is a way to see much more of the awards show thanks to the Oscar Backstage Pass app, which is available for iPod Touch, […]