Jammit App Helps You Learn to Rock Like the Pros

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I’m heading to MacWorld Expo 2011 tomorrow and one app I’m looking forward to seeing first hand is Jammit App. The app allows aspiring musicians to play along with the famous artists and dissect the original recordings. As users play along, they can strip out vocals, drums, guitar, keyboard and bass parts if they want to stand […]

Apple’s Mac App Store Ready to Launch

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Apple announced that its Mac App Store will open on Thursday January 6, 2011. That date’s also the first day of CES 2011, where every company except Apple will be launching announcing new products. This is hardly a coincidence as Apple has routinely introduced new products, including the iPhone, in the midst of previous years’ […]

Evernote Mac Beta Application Features Stacks, Sharing

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Evernote is one of my favorite web services, but using it on a Mac has been somewhat frustrating. The current Mac client doesn’t have all the features you’d expect, forcing Mac Evernote users to jump over to Evernote.com to share notes. That’s all about to change, and if you’re willing to run beta software you […]

MacBook Air Review Part 2: It’s Like Driving a Mercedes Benz

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I’m doing a multi-part review of my new MacBook Air and have gotten a lot of questions. Geeks and non geeks alike have been asking me about my latest laptop and why I call it the best laptop I’ve ever used. At first glance the MacBook Air has a lot in common with other thin and […]

Axon Logic Promises a Tablet Able to Run OSX


Axon Logic is gearing up for a Tablet that essentially runs any OS compatible with the Darwin OS. That could be a Unix variant. That means it is capable of running OSX. Of course that’s a no-no with Apple’s license agreement, but that’s never stopped those who love to create Hackintosh netbooks. Which this looks […]

What Wasn’t Announced by Apple Today: A Tablet/Netbook


In all the hullabaloo over what was announced today by Apple, there was one prediction (by many, but not by me) that didn’t make the cut. There was no Apple Tablet or Apple Netbook or larger iPhone or whatever it will be. The only surprise about this is that it would have made some logical […]

What Would You Pay for an OSX Netbook?


Netbooks and other affordable devices are booming, but Apple’s stayed out of the game thus far. Some are speculating that Apple will announce a netbook or a device that resembles a jumbo iPod Touch will be announced at WWDC. There’s no shortage of people clamoring for such a device, but I wonder how much people […]

Apple Should Forget Netbook Hardware and Focus on Netbook OS


In reading the crazily careening coverage of the reports that Apple is going to be working up a Netbook later this year, I stumbled across this post from The AppleBlog. Darell Etherington says that the Netbook OS is going to become the new battleground for fun and profit in the future. I tend to agree. […]

Now There’s a Netbook Mac OSX Compatibility Chart


Oh, my. Whether or not Apple unveils a Netbook or not, some just can’t wait. We’ve all the scene the stories about hacks to get OSX on Netbooks, including the latest news of the Hackintosh version of the MSI Wind that Matt Dillion posted on over the weekend. Well, now there’s a full blown compatibility […]