5 Microsoft Android Apps Users Need Now 

Moto X 2014 Review (11)

When you’re the world’s largest software maker and a distant third-place in smartphones and tablets, you have to make some sacrifices and evaluate your goals. For the longest time it seemed Microsoft hoped to win at mobile by copying what made Windows successful. Its Windows Phone operating system had exclusive features you couldn’t get anywhere […]

7 Microsoft Apps iPhone Users Need Now

New memory could deliver better iPhone 6s battery life.

After the launch of it’s own Windows Phone operating system it was easy for Microsoft to sort-of ignore the iPhone and Android. Sure, it still had to make basic apps in case Windows Phone didn’t take off, but these apps weren’t as good as their Windows Phone counterparts, and Microsoft wasn’t in a hurry to […]

Microsoft’s War Against Google Has New Front: Gmail

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Microsoft isn’t holding any punches in its fight against Google’s Gmail, and it isn’t just using ads from its Scroogled campaign to get its point across. Starting today, users moving to Microsoft’s Outlook.com service can important the contents of their entire Gmail account with a few button presses. Microsoft announced the Gmail Import Tool in […]

Microsoft Testing Outlook RT Client, But Will It Ever Arrive on Surface RT?


Microsoft is said to have already begun testing of a more feature-rich Office RT mail client that’s designed for the Windows RT ecosystem built around ARM Holdings’ processors. The Office RT software is reported to have already been completely developed and testing has already started, but there are still lingering questions about the software giant’s […]

Job Listing Hints at Outlook for iOS


After rumors earlier this year that Microsoft is looking at porting its Office productivity suite to Apple’s iOS platform, specifically the iPad, it looks like Microsoft is also looking at bringing its Outlook software to iOS. According to 9 to 5 Mac, a recent job listing from Microsoft is looking for someone to test Outlook […]

Bill Gates Blogs How He Uses Office and OneNote on his Tablet PC

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How does the multi-billionaire master of Microsoft make use of Microsoft Office? Mr. Gates tells all in an entry on the Inside Office Online blog. Unsurprisingly, Outlook is his major productivity tool. A man in his position must constantly be in contact and be able to coordinate among groups. Along with that, he cites SharePoint […]

Google Releases Sync for Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook

Google keeps going after Microsoft on many fronts and this is just another one that has opened up. Google has now released Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to snyc up Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. This works with the Google Premiere or Education editions.

Working On That New Year’s To-Do List? Here are Some Tips

The new year is all about getting your act together and staying on top of those emails, to-do lists, and more. Here are a few software products to help you along the way: MindJet’s MindManager – a very popular application for brainstorming, managing projects, managing to-do lists, and integrating with Outlook. They also make a […]

GBM How To: Add Pen Options to Quick Access Toolbar

The following is a re-post from an earlier article we published on customizing the Quick Access Toolbar so that the pen is easier to access in Office 2007: One of the frustrating things about Office 2007 is how the inking tools are hidden under the Review Ribbon button. The ink options are harder to find, […]

Tableteer’s Lament: No Ink in the Cloud for Emails


I don’t ink emails very often. But when I need to, it is a blessing to have that option. Whip out the pen, scribble a quick response and send it off. But the more and more that I transition away from my traditional methods of email correspondence to using GMail as my standard, the further […]

Importing an Outlook Distribution List to Gmail


One the things that plagues users making a transition from Outlook to Gmail is what to do with their Outlook Distribution Lists. I know this was a problem for me when I was testing Gmail earlier in the year — I just couldn’t figure out a way to get all of those email addresses in […]

Staying Productive In Outlook

I live in Outlook all day long – working with email and tasks throughout the day. Staying productive in such a highly used application is key, then. The Outlook blog has a good article on using keyboard shortcuts to switch between the various modules within Outlook that all Outlook users should read. In addition, Lifehacker […]

Outlook E-mail Management – PIFEM

We have talked about this in the past, but I thought it might be worth noting again since it came up again in a comment on Rob’s Outlook post.  GBM reader Steve  reminded everyone of the PIFEM system.  That stands for Pay it Forward Email Management system from Ian Palangio, a Business Productivity Specialist at […]

Outlook Connector Integrates Windows Live Services In Outlook

Microsoft continues to push developments within its Windows Live program with new functionality for Outlook Connector. The latest version is available for download and offers new synchronization features for a variety of calendars from within Outlook. On top of the syncing of different calendars, users can also share calendars and edit them on the fly […]

Outlook Tips for the Mobile User

I have to hand it to Microsoft. When they do something right, they really nail it. Such is the case with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. I’ve been through my slew of email solutions in the past, but Outlook coupled with hosted Exchange simply works. It is rock solid. If Microsoft can do to Live Mesh […]

Outlook and Gmail Go Head to Head

If you’ve been having trouble deciding between Outlook with hosted Exchange and Gmail, then you need to read Lifehacker’s head-to-head to comparison. It is one of the most thorough reviews I’ve read in quite a while. Jared Goralnick does a really good job comparing different features, addresses mobile users needs, hosted Exchange, and brings out […]

Backup Your Outlook Signatures

When transitioning from one computer to the other, an item that frequently gets lost is the email signature. People spend a ton of time creating signatures – ink-enabling their signature, listing all sorts of contact info, and including a quote here or there. So, how do you transfer all of that information to a new […]

Making the Big Email Switchover to Exchange

Those that follow my musings know I’ve gone back and forth between Outlook POP3 and Gmail for quite sometime. Try as I might, the allure of Gmail just never lives up to the practical needs I have. I won’t recap all of my struggles, but suffice it to say, Exchange + Outlook is still king […]

Easy2Add – Quickly Add Outlook Appointments

Looking for a quick and easy way to get an appointment into Outlook while on the go, in slate mode or add something quickly while on a phone call? Give Easy2Add a go.  Lifehacker put this post up today so I decided to give it a go because this looks like something that would fit […]

Multi-Touch Possibilities in Outlook

Sumocat has been talking up a storm in our Multi-Touch Scenario article, and went a bit further and penned this fantastic essay talking about multi-touch possibilities in Outlook. Sumocat does a really good job strengthening the argument that multi-touch can indeed be a great tool for business users. Sumocat wraps up his essay with this […]