Ouya to Arrive at All Targets Ahead of Battle with Xbox One and PS4

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Ouya, the low-priced Android gaming console that was funded completely by Kickstarter users, hopes to jump-start sales by launching in all of Target’s retail stores. Ouya’s CEO, Julie Uhrman announced the new partnership in an interview with Polygon this morning. While the deal with Target is great news for Ouya, which seems to have found it […]

OUYA Review: Android Gaming Console

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The OUYA Game Console potentially gives Android gamers hours of fun on their TV instead of a phone or tablet. The system comes in a small package with an acceptable controller. We just want to see more titles before we recommend the OUYA to the average gaming enthusiasts. With the help of a serious 15-year old […]

Android Video Game Console Roundup


Later this year, as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo compete in the video game console market, they’ll face competition from a number of smaller, cheaper consoles running Google’s Android platform. These Android consoles come from a variety of companies, with many of them only coming to stores thanks to Kickstarter campaigns. Each company has a different […]

Ouya Launches in Stores, Angers Some Kickstarter Backers


The Ouya Android game console is now available in stores for anyone to buy, but many Kickstarter backers aren’t happy about it. The Ouya is a small Android-based home video game console made possible by a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Users gave money to Ouya last year to help the company produce the Ouya console with […]

Ouya Coming To Retail June 4 for $99.99, Shipping To Backers Soon


Ouya, the Android-based home console, will hit retail stores on June 4 for $99.99, but Kickstarter backers should receive their console in the next few weeks. The Ouya team announced the console’s release date in an update to Kickstarter backers last night. In the same update the team said it is already shipping units to […]

Ouya Shipping Early to Kickstarter Backers


The Ouya Android console will ship to Kickstarter backers on March 28, about two months before the console will ship to stores and those who recently pre-ordered it. Ouya announced the shipping date in an update to Kickstarter backers where it also announced a few new developers who are creating games for the Android-based console. […]

Apple Reportedly Planning Apps for Apple TV This Fall

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Apple may release an SDK to let developers create apps for the Apple TV later this year according to MG Siegler at TechCrunch. Siegler admits he doesn’t have any firm information about an SDK for the Apple TV, but he claims Apple is preparing and update that would bring more apps to the set-top box. […]

A New Version Of The Ouya Console Will Come Out Every Year


Ouya will follow in the footsteps of smartphones and tablet by releasing a new version of the console every year according to a report. According to Engadget, during her speech at DICE 2013 OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman said “our strategy is very much similar to the mobile strategy.” That model is to release a new version […]

Ouya Coming To Retailers This June for $99


Today Ouya announced that its Android-based home console will come to retailers such as Best Buy, GameStop, Target and Amazon this June for $99.99. Ouya started out as a Kickstarter project, and recently shipped it first test consoles to developers following the successful campaign. Now anyone who didn’t get in on the Kickstarter campaign can […]

Ouya Android Console Gets OnLive Support And A Controller

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Ouya, the Android-powered video game console that’s making its way through Kickstarter will play more than just Android games when it launches. Today Ouya announced that it will support OnLive when it launches next year. Gamers who back the console on Kickstarter will get the chance to use the cloud gaming service on their TV […]

Overfunded Kickstarter Projects Face More, Longer Delays

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With the growing popularity of Kickstarter we’ve seen a number of interesting projects dealing with technology, art, movies, and almost anything else. There’s reason to question these projects, however. To illustrate the problems with Kickstarter projects Appsblogger writer Jeanne Pi teams with Professor Ethan Mollick who teaches statistics at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. […]

Ouya Brings Android To Home Video Game Consoles

Ouya Brings Android To Home Video Game Consoles

A new video game console might solve a problem Google’s had for a long time: getting Android the TV. The Ouya is an inexpensive Android-based video game console that’s currently taking funding through Kickstarter. The platform uses Android as a base because it’s free and easy to create games for. The console, however, doesn’t just […]