What to Know Before You Take Your Smartphone On an International Trip

Taking your smartphone on an overseas trip can be an easy way to stay in touch while traveling, but there are plenty of horror stories about data usage skyrocketing due to miscommunication, user error and unintentional connectivity. With more and more users switching over to smartphones and taking them with them while they travel, these tips are […]

XCom Global Offers Unlimited 3G Rentals for Globetrotters

Screen shot 2010-05-03 at 8.53.28 AM

XCom Global announced a new high-speed wireless data rental service that I may need to try out on my next trip overseas. The most intriguing part of this service is that they offer MiFi cards, which means I could actually use my iPhone 3GS when traveling abroad. The company’s Unlimited aXcess plan is only $14.95 per day […]