HTC to Offer Fix for Chipping One S Ceramic Shell


With the HTC One S smartphone, a mid-range smartphone in HTC’s new One lineup that’s also headed to T-Mobile USA’s 4G HSPA+ network in the U.S., HTC had used a micro-arc oxidation process, a manufacturing technique that essentially turns the unibody aluminum shell into a toughness that’s similar to ceramic by injecting a heavy shot […]

10 iPhone Apps for DIY, Redecorating and Home Repair

Essential IPhone apps for DIY

The web is full of places to help you find your answers to home projects and help you save big on home repair and DIY projects, but even the mobile sites can’t compare to iPhone apps that deliver tools, tips and guides for home repair, redecorating and DIY projects. 10 iPhone Apps for DIY, Redecorating […]