Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP


According to a report from AllThingsD, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has left Helwitt-Packard effective immediately. It was Rubinstein who was at the helm of Palm when it was bought by HP back in April of 2010  for $1.2 billion. HP is saying that Rubinstein left after he completed 12-24 month commitment post-acquisition and the […]

HP Pre 3 Support Page Goes Live on Carrier Orange


UK wireless carrier Orange has posted the support pages for the HP Pre 3, a webOS smartphone that was initially unveiled in February alongside the HP Veer 4G and the HP TouchPad. It’s unclear what the delay is that’s holding back the third-generation Pre from launching, but whatever the case it appears that a launch […]

TI Makes Qi Wireless Charging Chips Smaller


Texas Instruments is making its Qi-compatible wireless charging chips smaller. According to the company, the chips are 80 percent smaller than the current generation chipsets and this would help to make wireless charging a feature on various consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, portable gaming consoles, tablets, and other gadgets. Here are some of […]

HP webOS Smartphone Sans Keyboard Caught in Photo


To date, HP’s and Palm’s efforts in the webOS smartphone space has yielded devices with keyboards, making this leaked image of a webOS smartphone sans keyboard a first for the form factor. The device reveals what appears to be a device of similar size to the Palm Pre 3 without the sliding keyboard. The display […]

Designers Create Mock Up of Better iOS Notification System


Despite its refined elegance, the iOS platform–used by the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch-has a jarring notifications system with its pop-up notification box that demands your attention no matter what app you’re in. Developers who didn’t want to have their iOS experiences interrupted with Apple’s notification scheme have created a mock up to show a […]

HP Veer and Pre 3 Smartphone Announced (Video)


Along with the webOS TouchPad tablet announced today, HP had also announced two smartphones to extend its webOS family. The company announced the HP Veer, a smartphone that is about the size of a credit card while still accommodating a full-size portrait-oriented sliding keyboard in the style of the Palm Pre, and the HP Pre […]

HP Palm Shows Strong webOS Commitment with 5 Possible New Devices


In addition to the Palm Pre 2 running on webOS 2.0, which is more of a refinement of the original Palm Pre with an updated processor and Gorilla Glass screen, PreCentral is reporting that HP Palm is showing that the new venture is committed to the webOS platform with four additional codenamed devices. The codenames, […]

HP Unveils WebOS 2.0 with Palm Pre 2.0


No real surprise here, but HP has officially announced both WebOS 2.0 and the Palm Pre 2.0. Since HP’s acquisition of Palm, there’s really been no doubt that HP was going to get back into the handheld business and of course HP has made no secret that it is banking quite a bit on WebOS. […]

HP confirms webOS phone, Windows 7 tablet, and sky is blue

Palm Pre Plus

CNBC’s Tech Check reports that HP will use webOS exclusively when they step into the current smartphone market. This must surely come as a surprise to everyone who thought they were going to take that $1.2B they spent to buy Palm then dump it in the trash. Also, they’re making a Windows 7 tablet.

Google Voice web app goes live


If you’re an iPhone or Palm WebOS user and you’re itching to “beat the system” with Google Voice, your life just got easier thanks to the new web app version of Google Voice. The web app offers easy access to your inbox, a keypad for dialing out from GV, text messaging, contacts, and settings. The […]

Palm Pre Touchstone makes a great car mount


Personally, I don’t think the current state of wireless chargers are really worthwhile. Placing your device on another device seems no more convenient to me than plugging it in to another device, or at least not worth the extra cost. However, this hack turning a Palm Pre Touchstone charger into a magnetic car mount has […]

CEO Speak on iPhone vs. Palm Pre


I guess there are times when a company shouldn’t let CEOs speak. I’m thinking this is one of those times. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse appeared on the Charlie Rose show and when asked how well the Palm Pre was doing vs Apple’s iPhone he had this to say: It’s-it’s doing well, but you can almost […]

Sprint Offers Deal on Palm Pre, Then Pulls It

That was quick. A few short hours ago I noticed posts referencing that Sprint was offering $100 off to folks who changed carriers and picked up a new two year contract with Sprint. The idea was obviously to get folks to switch. Well, looks like the switch is on, but not quite that way. Sprint […]

Palm opens their App Catalog to developers

Announced on the Palm Developer Network Blog, submissions are now being accepted for the Palm App Catalog, allowing entrepreneurs to show us what they can do on WebOS. They are accepting both free and paid apps with the minimum allowed pricing set at 99 ¢. Criteria for acceptance are: Acceptance Criteria Palm will accept apps […]

Best Buy Drops Palm Pre Price to $99?


From the looks of   it this might be real. Folks are spotting info that Best Buy has dropped the price of the Palm Pre to $99 with a two year contract. Competition. Isn’t it a wonderful thing. Via Pre UPDATE: Turns out this was, er, um, er… a mistake by Best Buy. Apparently […]

Did anyone use iTunes with their Palm Pre?


Apparently in a bid to create a newsworthy conflict, everyone and their brother reported that Apple has “dissed” Palm by breaking the ability of iTunes to sync with non-iPods, including the Palm Pre, via the latest 8.2.1 update to iTunes. Given that Apple did not officially support sync with non-iPods, this certainly isn’t surprising. But […]

Americans Want Smart Phones But Are Confused About Why


Best Buy Mobile did a survey. Survey says Americans have been bitten by the smart phone bug. Survey also says that there is confusion among those who want them. Sampling 1000 adults over 18 the information is interesting as it points to some customer confusion and price resistance, but shows that the sexy marketing is […]