HP to Launch New HP Smartphones

HP Veer 4G

HP is reentering the smartphone market, according to company executives. Yam Su Yin, HP’s Senior Director of Consumer PC and Media Tablets Asia Pacific, says the company is looking to reassert itself in most of today’s popular platforms, including things like all-in-one desktop PCs, notebooks and tablets. When asked if users could expect a new smartphones from […]

Is Tim Cook Leading Apple Into Palm’s Dismal Fate?

Image via Curbside Classic

At one point, Palm owned the personal digital assistant, or PDA, market share in the U.S., largely outselling its closest competitor, Microsoft’s Pocket PC platform. However, Microsoft pushed aggressively for new features at the time that were not available on the Palm Pilot, including color displays, ability to support multimedia content such as music, video, […]

Windows Phone, iOS, Android: Mobile OSes and Me!


Today a reader commented on “Moving from Android to Windows Phone  7 Part 6: The Verdict“, an article I posted last fall when I switched from the Motorola Atrix as my personal daily driver to the HTC Titan. The comment asked me why I had returned back to the Titan and Windows Phone after I […]

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein Leaves HP


According to a report from AllThingsD, former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein has left Helwitt-Packard effective immediately. It was Rubinstein who was at the helm of Palm when it was bought by HP back in April of 2010  for $1.2 billion. HP is saying that Rubinstein left after he completed 12-24 month commitment post-acquisition and the […]

HP Lost Billions on Palm and webOS

HP TouchPad

We knew that HP bet huge on Palm and webOS and lost but what we didn’t know is just how much it lost. Well, according to the fourth quarter figures that the company today, it appears that it blew $3.3 billion on the venture. The company originally bought Palm and its webOS software for $1.2 […]

Nokia and The Making of The Lumia 800


First off, it still amazes me that Nokia teamed up with Microsoft to throw some Windows Phone love at Nokia’s beautiful handsets. This was almost more shocking to me than Palm teaming up with Microsoft back in 2006 when they loaded up the popular Treo line with Windows Mobile. Verizon hit a homerun with the […]

HP, Whitman Still Don’t Know What to Do with webOS

HP TouchPad

Earlier today, we told you that HP would be holding a meeting to determine the fate of webOS, the software it bought just over a year ago from Palm for $1.2 billions of dollars. That meeting, according to The Verge, did in fact take place but it appears that HP CEO Meg Whitman informed a […]

What’s Happening with HP, WebOS and Whitman (HPQ)


As the markets closed today, HP announced the CEO Leo Apotheker was out, and Meg Whitman was in as the new CEO. Whitman has been on the Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) board of directors since earlier this year, and brings experience from eBay and other companies to the top position of a company with more problems than Jay-Z. HP […]

Apotheker Out, Whitman In As New CEO of HP

Meg Whitman

The Leo Apotheker experiment at HP is over just shy of a year after it started and the fledgling company has installed former eBay CEO and California Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman as CEO. The move comes just weeks after the company made several big moves including killing off its HP TouchPad tablet and webOS powered […]

HP Gives Palm Hardware Engineers Pink Slips


Layoffs are underway for the Palm division at Hewlett Packard, which had acquired the Palm brand, hardware division, and webOS software. The layoffs affect the webOS hardware business only as HP is retaining the software division and is only closing off its hardware business. Most recently, the HP webOS hardware team was responsible for releasing […]

As HP Mulls Spinning Off PC Business, Plans to Keep webOS Remain


As Hewlett-Packard is considering its options to either sell or spin off its Personal Systems Group (PSG), the division that makes personal computers and PC hardware, leaked internal memos suggest that new changes to the webOS team will help to ensure that the mobile OS will remain with HP. The company is planning on splitting its […]

Samsung Considers Buying webOS from HP?


It looks like webOS may find a new foster parent in Samsung as HP still has yet to figure out what it wants to do with its $1.2 billion acquisition when it had bought Palm, according to new speculations brought forth by DigiTimes. More recently Samsung has also been rumored to be taking a keen […]

TouchPad Update Brings Document Editing to webOS


For those who managed to snag an HP TouchPad tablet on the cheap when HP offered a fire sale on its remaining inventory, you can now edit documents on your slate thanks to a software update to the webOS QuickOffice HD application that comes pre-loaded on the device. With the update, users can edit and […]

HP’s webOS Fall Out May Benefit Android Most


Now that HP has announced that it will not be making new hardware for webOS, followed by a strategic message that the company will, however, continue to support the platform’s development despite the fire sale of devices over the weekend that placed the 16 GB model TouchPad at a bare $99, users of the platform […]

HP to Explore Hardware Partners for webOS


HP dropped an absolute bombshell on the tech world today. It’s killing the HP TouchPad, its webOS tablet, and it will not be releasing any further webOS powered smartphones. The HP Pre 3 never had a chance. So, now what? The logical guess has been that HP intends on licensing webOS out to hardware makers. […]