Does Cloud Music Even Matter? Why Google Music Isn’t For Me

Google Music Beta

The Google Music Beta has  just launched, asking you to upload all the music files you keep on your computer to the cloud so that you can access them from almost any Internet connected device. At first, a cloud music service for your own media sounds like a great idea, I know it sounded awesome […]

10 Essential Free Apps For Your New Android [HTC Thunderbolt]

Åstro File Manager

The HTC Thunderbolt it just the latest amazing Android device to arrive on a major carrier. With the upcoming launch of the Motorola Droid Bionic, Samsung Droid Charge, Sony XPERIA PLAY and others, Android is about to be gracing the smart phones of a lot of new users. If you are new to Android, we […]

Feds Investigating Mobile App Makers for Privacy Concerns


Privacy issues are something that make a lot of folks nervous and it is certainly an issue that stays in the news. That’s because it is tough to pin anything down on the issue beyond the occasional yelling and screaming that goes on about it. Well, it looks like the Feds are trying to learn […]

What’s Going on with Pandora and Windows Phone 7?


In between watching the Google news and going to a Dr’s appointment this morning I noticed some news about this bouncing around on Twitter. It is confusing news. What I was seeing was news that Pandora was not going to develop an App for Windows Phone 7. If that holds true that will certainly be […]

Web Services I Enjoy Paying For


I was having a discussion with a family member over the weekend about paying for services and content on the Internet. He said he couldn’t imagine ‘paying to use the Internet.’ I think his sentiments are pretty common these days. When I was back in college I remember feeling the same way. My opinion of […]

Microsoft to Offer Online Music Streaming Service

According to the Telegraph, Microsoft is gearing up to launch a music streaming service later this summer,   in what is becoming an increasingly competitive space. Here’s the statement quoted in the article: Peter Bale, executive producer of MSN, Microsoft’s news and entertainment portal, told The Telegraph exclusively: ““Music is an important area for Microsoft. […]

Pandora Gets a Deal and Stays in Business


According to reports, Pandora fans can breathe a sigh of release as it looks like the Internet radio service can keep on bringing the tunes. Pandora and other Internet radio outlets had been threatened by large royalty increase that put the cost of doing business basically out of reach. But it looks like negotiations have […]