Parrot In-Dash System Delivers Android Auto or CarPlay to All


Parrot, a company known for many of its recent quadricopters and jumping drones controlled by mobile devices, arrived at CES 2015 this year with an all new infotainment system for cars that delivers three things: Android 5.0 Lollipop, Android Auto, and Apple’s CarPlay all in one. This system, codenamed the RNB6, isn’t just a 7-inch […]

10 Exciting Last Minute Gifts from the Apple Store

Parrot Mini Drone

Do you need a last minute gift for an iPhone or iPad owner? There are many great last minute Apple Store gifts that you can buy to make the day of a kid, parent or teen who already owns an Apple device. Apple sells a lot more than just iPhones, iPads and Macs, there are […]

Parrot MiniDrone Gets Cheaper and Kid Friendly at CES


A few years ago Parrot announced its first AR Drone controlled by the iPhone at CES, but this year they’re showing just how far the technology has come. Showing off two new smartphone controlled robots that are set to hit shelves later this year. Remote or smartphone controlled drones (mini robots) are always fun, but […]

Amazon Prime Air Already Threatened by ‘SkyJack’ Hacking Drones


Amazon’s publicity stunt earlier this week has certainly caught the eye of pretty much everyone interested in new delivery technologies, which again, is pretty much everyone since we all want our packages to arrive as soon as possible. However, there are way too many factors that make Amazon Prime Air not really feasible yet, namely […]

Facebook, Email Added to Stable of Apps for ASTEROID Car Devices

Parrot's ASTEROID Smart Car entertainment system.

Parrot’s ASTEROID mobile technology brings smart car entertainment and touch screens to drivers, and they are now able better enjoy video and email on the devices. The new slate of applications which were announced this week include VLC, GLympse, Recargo, ASTEROID Mail, Facebook for ASTEROID and Parkopedia and can be used on the company’s entire […]

5 iPhone Bluetooth Car Kits to Upgrade Your Ride

Belkin AirCast

Modern cars come with Bluetooth connections and smart stereos capable of hands free operation, but not everyone can upgrade to a Ford Escape tomorrow. Instead of buying a new car, why not add a Bluetooth car kit to your existing car to prepare for your next summer road trip or the daily commute. For as little as […]

GDC 2011: A.R. Drone Flying Remote Control Plane Demo (Video)


At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, Parrot was showing off its popular remote control plane/helicopter, which is controlled via an iOS device like the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Combined with the hardware, the company has also released a social augmented reality game for the A.R. Drone, and says that it has […]

Parrot AR.Drone is on My Wish List

CES2010 is in the middle of Day 2 and as I’ve been watching from afar I’ve been compiling my wish list. Xavier caught a quick video of the Parrot AR.Drone at CES2010 early on, but the video below makes me want one of these even more. Apparently there are two models in the works. There’s […]