Leaked Display Panel Shows iPad 5 is Inspired by iPad Mini


After a number of leaks of the rear casing of the iPad 5‘s rear casing, we now have a leak of the front glass display panel for Apple’s fifth generation iOS tablet. The iPad 5’s display shows that the device will be inspired by the smaller iPad mini, with a large display area and slimmer […]

iPhone 5S: Internal Redesign Points to New Features

iPhone 5S parts leak WiFi

A new set of Alleged iPhone 5S parts photos support analyst claims and rumors of a built-in fingerprint reader in the new iPhone, which many expect to arrive in September. An iPhone 5S fingerprint reader will reportedly sit under the home button, which requires a re-arranging of the iPhone 5S internals to make room. The iPhone 5S […]

Alleged iPhone 5S & iPhone 6 Parts Leak, Pulled

iPhone 5S parts

Possible iPhone 5S parts leaked this weekend, showing what may be the speaker enclosure for the next iPhone. The photo comes from French site, Nowhereelse.fr who claims the photos show an iPhone 5S part and an iPhone 6 part. The site claims it found the photos online, from a source who believes the iPhone 5S release is […]

iPhone 5 Parts Video Shows Potential Design Changes

Best iPhone 5 dock connector photo

More iPhone 5 parts continue to leak as repair shops start receiving parts to fix broken iPhone 5 devices. The latest leak, discovered by MacRumors, highlights the design changes between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5, and shares more about the iPhone 5 dock connector. Apple may launch the iPhone 5 at a major […]

Is This The Back of the iPhone 5?

IPhone 5 back

The iPhone 5 is one of the most anticipated pieces of hardware out there, which is why I get excited every time I see a new leak of some piece that is supposed to be part of the iPhone 5. Today, I have another collection of iPhone 5 parts to share, the most interesting being the back of the […]