How to Use Passbook in iOS 8


Passbook is an app in iOS 8 that can turn your iPhone into a digital wallet of sorts that you can stuff with tickets, loyalty cards, boarding passes, etc., as well as store your credit cards to use with Apple Pay, as the company’s payment platform is built into Passbook. Here’s how to set up […]

How to Add Starbucks Gift Card to App

Learn how to add a Starbucks gift card to the Starbucks app.

This guide will show you how to add a Starbucks gift card to the Starbucks app on iPhone or Android. If you receive a Starbucks Gift card for the holiday season or for your birthday, you can quickly add the gift card to the Starbucks app so that you always have it handy without carrying […]

Samsung Announces “Passbook-inspired” Wallet App


At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Samsung announced its new Wallet app that looks suspiciously like Apple’s Passbook with many of the same features. The new Samsung Wallet lets users store event tickets, boarding passes, membership cards and coupons in a single app, just like Apple’s Passbook. Also like Passbook Samsung Wallet offers time and […]

MLB Triples Support For Using iPhone as a Ticket in 2013

Giants Passbook Ticket

This season a total of 13 MLB stadiums will support Apple’s Passbook service, giving more baseball fans the chance to use virtual tickets to watch their favorite teams. According to GigaOm at the start of the season the Minnesota Twins, Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, Oakland A’s, Pittsburgh Pirates, Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs will accept virtual […]

Apple Begins Selling Passbook-Enabled Apple Store Gift Cards


Apple has begun selling new gift cards through the recently updated Apple Store iOS app that integrates the gift cards to the iOS 6 native Passbook service, that allows the cards to be quickly used and scanned from the iPhone or iPod Touch for redemption inside a physical Apple Store. The new Passbook-intgerated gift cards […]

Apple Store App Update Brings Support for Passbook and Siri


Apple today updated its Apple Store app for iOS with support for Passbook, one of the new features found in iOS 6 and support for Siri, the operating system’s on-board virtual assistant. The update, which brings the Apple Store app to Version 2.4, will bring support for both Siri and Passbook once its updated, making […]

Siri Will Help iPhone Owners Buy Movie Tickets When iOS 6.1 Gets Released


Though iOS 6.1 isn’t yet available for consumers to download, Apple has already seeded the forthcoming version of its mobile operating system to developers. And as such, developers have discovered there is a feature inside iOS 6 that allows consumers to tap Siri‘s voice assistant feature to purchase movie tickets, thus expanding the capabilities of […]

Passbook Coupons Finally Arrive for 20 Popular Stores

Passbook coupons

Passbook coupons are now available for popular stores like Barnes & Noble, Sears, PetCo and many others, allowing iPhone users to save and use coupons in iOS 6. now offers Passbook coupons for stores across the country, bringing savings to iPhone users at 20 major retailers. Passbook is a new app for iOS 6 […]

How to Setup Passbook with Starbucks on the iPhone

Tap to pay within the app

iOS 6 brings Passbook to the iPhone, allowing users to make payments at Starbucks without their wallet. Passbook is a central hub for giftcards, coupons, tickets and other types of passes. The great thing about passbook is that all the items mentioned before are available right on the iPhone for easy access. This helps get rid of […]

Apple Customers Can Soon Pay for Purchases With Passbook at Apple Stores


Apple is reportedly making changes to its point-of-sales system to support Passbook payments at the company’s retail locations, allowing iOS 6 users a new way to pay for purchases at retail stores. Passbook integration will be made into Apple’s iPod Touch EasyPay system. When Apple launched the iPod Touch EasyPay terminals, they effectively replaced cash […]

Apple’s Passbook Scores Home Run With Major League Baseball


While Google’s digital mobile Wallet app is not gaining traction in the U.S., Apple’s Passbook is quickly becoming the darling of Major League Baseball (MLB) fans. According to a MarketWatch report, 12 percent of e-ticket buyers chose to use the Passbook option when given the chance. This translates to 1,500 buyers of e-tickets since Passbook has […]

Passbook for Android: Apps to Deliver Passbook Experience on Android

Fandango Ticker Android PassBook

Passbook is a new iPhone app that collects loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes and tickets into a single location. Like all Apple creations, there is no official one stop Passbook for Android app that pulls this information together. PassWallet will open Passbook files from the browser or email into a Passbook like app on Android, […]

iPhone 5 Review: The Next Edition of a Serial Saga


Writers of serialized fiction have to accomplish two things. They have to keep their audiences coming back for more of the same thing that got them hooked in the first place. And then they have to provide just the right amount of change or surprise that won’t upset those same loyal fans. The greats know […]

In Apple’s iCloud, Why an iPhone 5 Without NFC Makes Sense


When Apple announced the iPhone 5, many were disappointed about the lack of inclusion of NFC hardware that would enable more wireless, near-range communications with neighboring devices. However, given the use of Photostream in the Photos app and Apple’s Passbook app, it makes sense for Apple to not include the emerging near field communications technology […]

Starbucks Passbook Support for iOS 6 Arrives in Days

Starbucks Passbook iOS 6 iPhone 5

Starbucks will soon allow iPhone 5 and iOS 6 users to make payments with the new Passbook app, similar to the current gift card coffee payment options on the iPhone. Starbucks confirmed the upcoming Passbook integration, for mobile payments with a Starbucks card, in a tweet sent on Friday. The tweet doesn’t cover all details […]

PassBook Tickets Are Ready for MLB Teams, No Word on NFL

Giants Passbook Ticket

It didn’t take long for sports and entertainment apps to deliver support for PassBook in iOS 6. After hearing that airlines and amusement parks would be among the first to support PassBook it’s nice to see other companies adding app support quickly. One day after the iOS 6 update arrived on millions of iPhones four […]

How to Fix Passbook Error in iOS 6


Earlier today, we told you that many people were having trouble accessing Passbook compatible apps, a section of one of the new features of the  iOS 6, the operating system that Apple released today. It now appears as though there is a simple fix that will allow users to access the App Store and thus, […]

Passbook Cannot Connect Error Frustrates iOS 6 Users


One of the newest features of Apple’s newly released iOS 6 is called Passbook which turns the iPhone into a mobile wallet for items like tickets, loyalty cards, coupons, and gift cards. Problem is, many iPhone users can’t get the feature to work. Update: How to Fix Passbook Error in iOS 6. Earlier today, I […]

How to Use PassBook in iOS 6

User created PassBook passes

PassBook is a new iOS 6 app that turns the iPhone into a wallet for tickets, loyalty cards, coupons, gift cards more. The PassBook app doesn’t handle payments like Google Wallet, but it is a place to keep all the various cards and cruft that turns real wallets into George Constanza wallet. PassBook is installed on the iPhone […]