Stunning iPhone 6 Concept Brings Apple Patent to Life (Video)

This iPhone 6 concept shows a wrap around display based on an Apple patent.

The latest iPhone 6 concept features a wrap around display and several amazing features, but it’s not based on science fiction — it’s based off of an Apple patent. That’s right, the iPhone 6 concept shown in the video below is brought to life from drawings and details that came straight from Apple labs. Apple […]

Apple Explores ‘Street View’ for iOS Maps in Latest Patent, Next Stop iCar?


In the latest Apple-submitted patent filing to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, it appears that the iPhone-maker may be exploring options to bring a Google ‘Street View‘-like feature to the Apple Maps application for iOS. With iOS 6, Apple had removed Google’s underlying code to power its Maps application on the iPhone, essentially shunning […]

Could a Unibody Ceramic Enclosure Make Its Way to 2013’s Budget iPhone?


With Apple rumored to be releasing two new iPhone models this year, a budget entry-level model and a flagship iPhone 5S, it is now rumored that the iPhone-maker may be looking at ceramic for the body of the low-cost iPhone model. Rather than the plastic shell that’s been previously rumored for an entry-level 2013 iPhone […]

Is this Apple’s iPhone 6 Concept?

Is this Apple's own iPhone 6 concept, or just another patent?

When it comes to iPhone 6 concepts, most of the time we are stuck with artist renderings, but today we have our first look at what could be Apple’s iPhone 6 concept — and it’s one of most exciting yet. Apple is no stranger to iPhones with glass on both sides, but a new vision […]

Android Tethering At Risk in Patent Dispute With Nokia


In a patent battle between Android smartphone-maker HTC and Nokia, the issue of tethering on one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms may be at risk. Likely, Nokia will seek an import ban on troubled smartphone-maker HTC, but the two companies will probably work out a licensing agreement that will allow both parties to […]

Apple, Amazon Pave Way for Digital Garage Sale


The problem with owning digital media today, such as copies of TV shows, movies, e-books, and music through services like Amazon and iTunes, is that you cannot transfer ownership of your content to someone if you want to clean house. Thanks to two recent, but separate, patents filed by Apple and Amazon, this could all […]

Google May Add Touch Gestures to Rear of Phones


Google had filed for a patent that could potentially bring a touch-sensitive controller to the rear side of the phone so users can interact with the back, rather than the primary touchscreen, for simple touch commands. The backside touch controller would be used for basic tasks, like scrolling, turning the page of an e-book, or […]

Apple Patents Method For Reselling Digital Goods

Apple resale patent

A new Apple patent could let users resell or loan their digital music, movies, TV shows and books. According to Apple Insider Apple’s patent details a method for letting users resell their digital goods to other users, making it possible for users to buy and sell “used” digital items. In the patent Apple users can […]

Apple iWatch Patent Shows Flexible, Touchscreen ‘Watch’

How the Apple iWatch could look based on Apple R & D.

A new Apple patent shows what the iWatch might look like based on work done at Apple’s R&D labs. The patent shows a wearable video device that looks a lot like a watch, wrapped around a user’s hand and explains potential iWatch features and how it could interact with an iPhone. Rumors of an iWatch […]

Next iPhone Could Be Unlocked With Picture ID


Apple has filed for a patent that could bring a new method to secure and unlock the next iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac computer by using and matching pictures with names. For example, the iPhone could choose a random picture–perhaps via your contacts in your address book or the tagged images in iPhoto through […]

Apple Patents Hidden Fingerprint Reader Ahead of iPhone 5S


We had previously reported that the ‘S’ in the name of the Apple iPhone 5S could stand for security as it had been used to represent ‘S’peed in the 3GS and ‘S’iri in the iPhone 4S. Now, a recently filed patent shows that Apple is working on integrating more biometrics security components into mobile devices–including […]

Google Gets Patent for Multi-LED Flash on Camera Phone


Google has recently been granted for an invention that would allow future smartphones and tablets to have multiple LED flashes to better expose a scene for a photograph. Google has shown a number of different arrangements for the LED flash to be embedded on the backside of a phone. In one image posted on Droid-life, […]

Microsoft Patents Intelligent System For Silencing Phones


A new patent from Microsoft details a way for phones to sense when and where they should enable a silent mode according to an InfoWorld report. The new patent will let smartphones turn on a silent mode, which the patent calls “Inconspicuous Mode” based on GPS coordinates and the surrounding environment. The patent will let […]

Is Google Working on a Nexus Watch?


In addition to Android smartphones and tablets as well as the new Project Glass wearable computing device, Google may have plans for a smart watch with a new patent. It’s unclear if Google will or even has plans to commercialize this smart watch, but the company has filed for a patent detailing what a Google-made […]

Smartphone Wars: Nokia Rumored to Go After HTC for 8X Design, Things May Get Awkward for Microsoft


After Apple’s victory over Samsung regarding the latter company’s infringing smartphone designs, it appears that Nokia may be going after rival Windows Phone-maker HTC for the company’s HTC 8X design, which looks eerily similar to Nokia’s Lumia series device with its colorful polycarbonate shell. Nokia’s marketing head had already acknowledged the similarities between his company’s […]