Google Fingers Blame at Microsoft, Nokia for Rising Phone Prices


Google had filed a complaint with the European Commission accusing smartphone rivals Nokia and its partner Microsoft of colluding over patents and intellectual property, which in effect is creating rising smartphone costs for consumers. The complaint was filed by the Android operating system maker on Thursday. Google says that Windows Phone OS-creator Microsoft through its […]

Apple Patents New Haptic and Optical Stylus Tech for iPad


New Apple patents suggest Apple hasn’t completely written off using a stylus with the iPad and iPhone. Despite ┬áSteve Jobs’ famous quote saying, if your device needs a stylus “they blew it!” these patents show that Apple’s considering the possibility. Before those of us who love inking on our iPads get too excited we have […]

Apple Patent Shows New Tap To Focus Camera Features

Apple multitouch camera features

A new Apple patent hints at some advanced camera focus features that could come to the next iPhone. According to Patently Apple, a newly public patent hints that Apple could add a new processor to an upcoming iPhone to help with new camera features. The patent shows Apple’s idea to use multi-touch gestures for focusing […]

Motorola Latest Android Manufacturer Facing Ban in U.S.


Following HTC’s import bans on high profile Android handsets such as the HTC One X and the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE as a result of HTC’s ongoing patent dispute with Apple, the latest Android manufacturer to face an import ban is Motorola Mobility as a result of disputes over intellectual property with Microsoft. According […]

What Secret Is Google Hiding in the Galaxy Nexus?


In Apple’s litigation against Samsung in a California court for patent infringement related to the Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone, Apple has requested that Google make available the differences, if any, between the Android source code and the implementation of Android on the Galaxy Nexus. While Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich’s source code has been released […]

Google Patent Application Hints at Nexus Slider


Though manufacturers like HTC may be giving up on physical keyboards on smartphones in favor of thin and light designs, Google’s recent patent application may suggest that the Android OS-maker is still not giving up in that form factor and we may potentially see a Nexus smartphone in the future with a physical sliding keyboard. […]

Sony Patent Reveals One Xperia Smartphone Housing Multiple Keypads


A recently unearthed patent filed by Sony in late 2010 reveals that the company had been considering an Xperia smartphone design with multiple slide-out keyboards–similar to the idea of a Swiss Army knife–so that users can slide up the keypads that they don’t need to reveal a keypad that they do like. The versatility of […]

Google Nexus with Physical Keyboard Could Woo BlackBerry Users

Google Nexus with Physical Keyboard Could Woo BlackBerry Users

Ever wanted a Google Nexus smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard? Well, it looks like that dream may one day become a reality if a new patent filing is any indication. According to PatentBolt, yesterday, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Google that shows off a QWERTY smartphone design. The […]

Apple, iOS More Valuable to Nokia Than Lumia Is In Recent Quarter


In Nokia’s most recent financial quarter, the company announced a$1.7 billion loss attributed to rapidly declining sales of devices using its Symbian cash cow operating system as the company makes a hard transition to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS. Nokia had cautioned and analysts had warned before that it will get worse before it gets […]

Nokia Automatic Uploads Patent Makes It Easy to Get Social


Nokia was just awarded a patent for automatic uploads to social networks, making it easy for users to share their life events with others on various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Microsoft Live, and others. As it stands, for example, in order for a user to share a photo with others, they must […]

Apple, Google, HTC to Face Off With Dualing Face Unlock Patents


We had reported earlier that HTC had filed for a face unlock and biometric security for Android, features that Google had introduced to market on the Galaxy Nexus with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Motorola debuted with the fingerprint reader on the Atrix 4G early last year, and now it seems that Apple is […]

HTC Granted Patent on Face Unlock, Is Android in Jeopardy?


It appears that HTC has been granted a patent on face to unlock on a mobile device with a front-facing camera. The feature, which had debuted first on Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and is available on any number of Android smartphones and tablets running the software, including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus […]

Bloomberg Goes Behind the Scenes in the Apple vs Google Wars

Blind Justice_md

I guess one could call the legal and business wrangling that is going on between the big mobile players entertaining. At times it certainly appears so. Apple, Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Microsoft, you name it, we hear about different players all the time, and I think it could be argued that those of us who […]

HTC Patent Reveals Competitor to iPod Touch, Galaxy Player


After having been in the smartphone business for over a decade, HTC may be looking to expand its product portfolio. A recent patent application filed in early 2011 reveals that HTC may be looking to expand its ecosystem and create a media player, or phone-less handheld device that connects to the Internet only via WiFi, […]

Microsoft Patents Tablet That Converts Into Laptop, Desktop


In a bid to compete against consumer tablets that offer all-day mobility thanks to low-power consumption while at the same time delivering the full performance of Windows, Microsoft is looking to patent a hybrid system where the tablet, which will also serve as a display, can be used on its own with low-powered system requirements […]

Google Patents Application to ID Location Using a Photo of a Landmark


Standing somewhat close to a major landmark but don’t know where you are? Hopefully, with Google’s patent application, there will be an app for that soon as the software giant has created a system where a user can snap a picture of a nearby landmark, upload it to Google’s servers, and Google will do the […]

Apple Could Profit When More Android Devices Are Sold


Under new CEO Tim Cook, it appears that Apple is softening Steve Jobs’ declaration of thermonuclear war against Google’s rival Android operating system. The company is now no longer seeking the destruction and demise of the Android ecosystem, but rather, like Microsoft, is looking from the follies of Android as Google lacks strength in patents […]