Apple Patent Hints at Inductive Charging for iPhone 5

Apple Inductive Charging Patent

Apple’s iPhone 5 might not need wires for charging when it comes out later this year. According to Patently Apple, today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published an Apple patent the company applied for back in 2008. The patent is for inductive charging: using a specially designed dock to charge a device without the […]

Nokia Patent Uses Steering Wheel to Control Car Audio


As Apple is announcing Siri Eyes-Free for cars, rival Nokia is also turning to the automotive space with a patent of its own to offer users an easier way to control their vehicle’s features, such as media play back. Instead of relying on voice control through a dedicated button on a car’s steering wheel, Nokia’s […]

Apple Seeks Ban on Samsung Galaxy S III

Galaxy S III

In a move that should surprise nobody, Apple is seeking a ban on the Samsung Galaxy S III. According to FOSS Patents, Apple moved to add the Galaxy S III to its request for a preliminary U.S. ban on the Galaxy Nexus. Apple cites two patents in its complaint against the Galaxy S III. The […]

Google Fingers Blame at Microsoft, Nokia for Rising Phone Prices


Google had filed a complaint with the European Commission accusing smartphone rivals Nokia and its partner Microsoft of colluding over patents and intellectual property, which in effect is creating rising smartphone costs for consumers. The complaint was filed by the Android operating system maker on Thursday. Google says that Windows Phone OS-creator Microsoft through its […]

Apple Patents New Haptic and Optical Stylus Tech for iPad


New Apple patents suggest Apple hasn’t completely written off using a stylus with the iPad and iPhone. Despite  Steve Jobs’ famous quote saying, if your device needs a stylus “they blew it!” these patents show that Apple’s considering the possibility. Before those of us who love inking on our iPads get too excited we have […]

Apple and Samsung Fail To Reach Patent Agreement


In a development that should surprise nobody, Apple and Samsung were unable to reach an agreement in the companies’ court-ordered discussions. According to The Korea Times, Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung and Samsung mobile division head Shin Jong-kyun met with Apple CEO Tim Cook, but the companies were unable to reach a settlement on their patent […]

Google Patent Hints at Hand Gestures For Google Glasses

Google IR identifier patent

Since the announcement of the Google Glasses project we’ve seen a number of photos taken with the glasses, but not much else. Today we see a patent that hints at a different way to interact with the glasses. According to Wired, a newly public patent shows a way to use hand gestures with Google Glasses. […]

Apple Culprit Behind HTC One X, Sprint EVO 4G LTE Delays at Customs


Two of HTC’s flagship and most popular phones in its lineup will be delayed as they head into the U.S. at the U.S. Customs office due to concerns that those models may infringe on Apple’s designs and patents. As a result of Apple’s ongoing lawsuits against Android manufacturers, HTC’s One X for AT&T and the […]

Google Nexus with Physical Keyboard Could Woo BlackBerry Users

Google Nexus with Physical Keyboard Could Woo BlackBerry Users

Ever wanted a Google Nexus smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard? Well, it looks like that dream may one day become a reality if a new patent filing is any indication. According to PatentBolt, yesterday, the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Google that shows off a QWERTY smartphone design. The […]

Who’d a Thunk It? Tweet Seats in Theatres Run Up Against Patent Troubles


I’ve already gone on record stating I’m not in favor of a trend that some theatres and entertainment venues are trying to start. The idea I’m opposed to is to set aside seats for a performance where audience members can “tweet” or “Facebook” (is that a verb?) during the performance. The marriage of social technology […]

ITC Rules in Apple’s Favor, Bans Import and Sale of HTC Devices in U.S.

HTC Rezound

Apple and HTC have been waging a patent war for quite awhile now and finally, the United States International Trade Commission, after a lengthy investigation, has ruled in favor of Apple and has banned the importation and sales of HTC devices starting April 19th, 2012. The ruling found that HTC infringed on two claims found […]

German Court Ruling in Patent Suit Tells Apple to Stop Selling iOS Devices


Ah, the legal battles continue. Apple took a loss in a Mannheim Regional Court in Germany today when a judge ruled in favor of Motorola Mobility. For the moment this means Apple can’t sell the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G and iPad2 3G, and presumably the iPhone 4S, although it was released after the suit was […]

Apple Now Going After the Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom

Just yesterday, we learned that Apple had won a ruling in Germany that halted the sale of Samsung’s latest and greatest tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, in the European Union. How were they able to do this? By accusing Samsung of infringing on their intellectual property. In Apple’s eyes, Samsung has ripped off the […]

Is Apple Labeling Itself a Copycat for iOS 5 Camera Feature Updates?

ipad 2 keynote apple 2011 year of the copy cats

With the launch of the iPad 2 earlier this year, Steve Jobs introduced the second-generation tablet by first mocking the failures of Windows tablets and then poking fun at its Android competitors noting that 2011 is the year of copycats. A few months later, and the company began to preview its iOS 5 software update […]

Apple Patent Hints at New Gestures Somewhere Down the Road


Patent applications can give us some idea of what companies are thinking about for the future. And usually that future is a ways down the road. Apple has recently filed some patents that show some interesting new multi-touch gestures for its iOS devices, although I would assume some of that might make it to the […]

Is Microsoft Using Nokia to Fight Apple in Mobile?


Nokia iscontinuing its legal battle with Apple as the Finnish phone-maker has filed another patent dispute against the iPhone-maker over intellectual property. On the consumer-facing fronts, companies may appear to best each other on features, experiences, interfaces, number of apps, and developer support for their respective mobile platforms, but behind the scenes there is a […]

Patent Hell Ends Hypermac’s Mac Battery Life


Everyone says the US Patent system is broken, and from all accounts it sure looks to be something different than it was intended to be. Shakespeare would say, “first thing we do is kill all the lawyers” in the case of patents and how they affect innovation and business decisions, I’m sure some Mac users […]