Mobile Apps That Made a Difference in 2013


Say what you want about this mobile device versus that mobile device. There are always comparisons by the dozens. But when it comes to mobile computing it really is all about Mobile Apps and what they can or can not do for you. Fortunately, many Mobile Apps are now available across the big three platforms […]

Path Adds Nike+ FuelBand Support

Path Nike+ FuelBand

Path is continuing its partnership with Nike by adding support for another Nike accessory. Today Path announced that its private social network app now supports Nike’s popular Nike+ FuelBand. Users can now share their FuelBand activity and progress with their closest friends and family through the Path app. Now, FuelBand users can make sure their […]

Why Pretty Matters in App Design


Yesterday Google launched a new iPhone version of its Google+ App. Uncharacteristically this is a departure for Google. If you read about the App launch around the web you’ll see it described as everything from pretty to gorgeous. I’d have to agree. Some are even saying that this might make them use Google+ more. Given […]

iOS Apps That Touch You In All The Right Places


Last week Kevin brought the new iPad App, Paper, to your attention. The day before that I gave a “not ready for prime time” review of Taposé. Both of these Apps deserve recognition. Not just because they sprung from some of the minds that were behind the Microsoft Courier project, although there is something to […]

Apple Will Force iPhone Apps to Ask Permission to Use Your Contacts

App Store Logo

After Path was caught uploading users’ contacts to its servers, Apple was quiet. Later we found out that other apps like Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram were doing the same thing. Apple still said nothing. It wasn’t until today, just a few minutes after Congress sent an inquiry to Apple CEO Tim Cook that the company […]

Path for Android Arrives on The Market

Path for Android

Exciting news for Android owners as Path, the the social networking slash photo sharing service, has brought its much anticipated Android application to the Android Market today. The application, which is still in beta form, is available for free and brings a host of features to the table even in its primitive form. That list […]