Top 13 Galaxy S6 Settings to Change

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You just took the Galaxy S6 out of the box and are checking out all the different settings and options, but you don’t know what settings to change and what to turn on or off to get the best Galaxy S6 experience. We’ll show you the right Galaxy S6 Settings to change to customize your […]

Did Google Update Google Wallet App in Preparation for Nexus 7 Tablet?


It looks like the Google’s mobile wallet app just received an update on Google’s Play Store. The Google Wallet app is now available for download and though Google did not detail all the features of its NFC-enabled payment app, it does hint at what Google may have in store for a Google I/O announcement this […]

Now This is A Digital Wallet – Google Wallet’s Potential [Video]

Google Wallet - Payments

When Google Wallet was announced, I outlined 8 reasons it could succeed, including the ability for merchants to further integrate it with offers and rewards programs. While Google Wallet is still a dream for most users, Adzag has put together an interesting video showing what Google Wallet could do in the near future. This is the digital wallet […] Turns Your Phone’s Camera Into Credit Card Terminal

Scan Your Credit Card with an iPhone

We’ve all laughed at images of computer illiterate users trying to pay for online purchases by holding their credit card up to the monitor, but it if has anything to say about it you’ll soon be pulling a similar move to pay for your next in app purchase. uses your phone’s built-in camera to scan your […]

Verizon goes “cha-ching” with new mobile payment service


We here in the US are WAAY behind the curve when it comes to things we can do with a cell phone.  Yes, with the invention of the iPhone and Android phones, we can do more with all of the applications developers make available to us.  This is all well and good, but what about […]