Apple Watch Versus Pebble Smartwatches: Who’s the Winner?


With Apple releasing their new Apple Watch many other smartwatch companies are likely taking notice of the powerhouse entering their market with what looks like an impressive entry. Pebble which came out with its Pebble Smartwatch and, not long ago, the newer Pebble Steal, is not doubt one of those companies paying close attention to what happens next. The Pebble Smartwatch […]

Pebble App Store for Android Now in Play Store With New Apps

pebble evernote not app

Pebble shipped their new Pebble Steel watch earlier this year, but it only came with app support for the iPhone and iPad. That changed when they finally pushed out their update to the Google Play Store making it compatible with Android phones. The new app comes with some interesting new features and partners. The most […]

Galaxy Gear To Get Competition on AT&T from Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble CES 2013 3

The Samsung Galaxy Gear will get some new competition for potential smartwatch buyers this Friday. AT&T says that on that date, it’ll begin selling the Pebble Smartwatch in its stores. In a statement elaborating on both the device, AT&T says that it’ll offer the smartwatch to users for $150. That is the same amount that […]

RunKeeper Updated With Pebble Smartwatch Support


Both the iPhone and Android RunKeeper apps now feature support for the Pebble smartwatch, giving runners realtime information about their runs on their wrist. After installing the update users just have to launch the RunKeeper app on their iPhone or Android smartphone to start syncing data to their smartwatch. The smartphone app will launch a […]

Pebble Watch SDK Now Available Alongside OS 1.1 Update

pebble charging cable connected

The Pebble SDK is now available, giving developers a chance to create their own apps or watch faces for the smartwatch. The new Pebble SDK opens the Kickstarter smartwatch to anyone who wants to create their own app for it. Those apps can include something mundane like a new watch face for the small e-paper […]

Pebble Review: Disappointing With Limited Apps, Especially for iPhone

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The much-anticipated Pebble Smartwatch has arrived! The popular Kickstarter project, now available for pre-order, precedes the rumored Apple iWatch. But should buyers wait? Or get the Pebble? The Pebble watch promised users a cool smartwatch that connected to iPhone or Android phones. Apps were promised to extend phone control to the wrist for music, to receive notifications […]

Pebble Production Ramps Up, Shipments Still Slow

Pebble CES 2013 6

Production of the Pebble smartwatch is ramping up, though the Pebble team hasn’t yet shipped 400 watches to Kickstarter backers. In the Pebble team’s newest update to backers it claimed that it’s close to manufacturing 1,500 Pebbles per day, and it on track to have 15,000 black Pebble watches by February 8. Unfortunately for the […]

Pebble Smartwatch Will Ship On January 23

Pebble CES 2013 press conference

During the company’s first ever press conference, Pebble announced it will ship the Pebble smartwatch on January 23. The Pebble smartwatch is currently in mass production, and the company expects to ship the first units to Kickstarter backers in a few weeks. The company announced that its manufacturing partners are currently producing 15,000 watches every […]

Pebble Smartwatch Release Date Inches Closer

Pebble Smart Watch orange

The Pebble smartwatch recently made its way through the FCC, bringing it one step closer to release according to an Engadget report. The Pebble smartwatch is a watch that connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth. The watch can receive information from smartphones such as the weather, missed calls, number of emails and messages. To make […]

Pebble Gains Bluetooth 4.0, Kickstarter Pre-orders Ending Soon

Pebble Gains Bluetooth 4.0, Kickstarter Pre-orders Ending Soon

The Pebble smartwatch will have Bluetooth 4.0 when it finally ships, but Kickstarter pre-orders will be ending soon. The Pebble team posted a project update today announcing the inclusion of Bluetooth 4.0 in the Pebble smartwatch. The latest Bluetooth version is more battery efficient than previous versions. This means the both the watch and users’ phones […]

Pebble Smartwatch Will Integrate With RunKeeper

Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble, the smartwatch that’s already raised more than $8 million on Kickstarter, will communicate with the RunKeeper iOS and Android app when it’s released in a few months. According to Mashable, the Pebble team is working with RunKeeper so the watch can communicate with the fitness-tracking app. With the integration, RunKeeper will likely be able […]

I’m Not A Watch Guy, But I’m Buying the Pebble Watch

I'm Not A Watch Guy, But I'm Buying the Pebble Watch

I had to clear out quite a few cobwebs in my head before I could recall the last time I wore a watch. I believe I was 10 years old at the time and my Dad bought me a watch from the Jungle Cruise gift shop at Disneyland. I wore it for maybe a month […]