Pelican ProGear Protector iPhone 6 Case Review

iPhone 6 case

The iPhone 6 is just over a month old, but a bevy of protective cases are already available for Apple’s latest flagship. We got our hands on Pelican’s latest case for the new device and took it for a spin. We’ve already reviewed several iPhone 6 cases, including the Speck Candy Shell and Apple’s official […]

Galaxy S4 Cases Planned for June Launch


With the Samsung Galaxy S4 release date still up in the air, at least one case maker is planning to launch its Galaxy S4 case during the month of June, the same month that the device arrived last year in the United States. Read: Samsung Galaxy S4 Feature Possibly Announced. At CES 2013, case-maker Pelican […]

Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite Review: Crushproof Tablet Backpack for Daytrips


The Pelican ProGear S140 Sport Elite is a waterproof, crushproof backpack designed for adventurers and travelers who want to carry an iPad and a keyboard while in rough terrain. To protect the iPad from water and shock, Pelican built a Pelican Tough Case into the upper part of the backpack. The small compartment is tough enough to handle the demands […]

Pelican WaterProof, CrushProof Tablet & Notebook Backpacks Arrive

ProGear S100 Elite Laptop Backpack

Most tablets and notebooks aren’t designed to hold up to water or pressure, which is why Pelican is offering a new line of sport backpacks including models with waterproof and crushproof compartments for tablets and notebooks. The new Pelican ProGear Sport Backpack line includes four new backpacks bearing the pelican name. The Elite models include […]