Better iPad Digital Inking with iOS 8: Pencil Points the Way


The story of the iPad and digital inking is an interesting one. It has largely depended on the ingenuity of developers to create decent digital inking experiences on the capacitive touch screen of the iPad. And quite a few developers have indeed made the iPad a decent digital inking device for note takers and artists. […]

Penultimate Update Brings a Few Nice Changes


Penultimate has been my down and dirty note taking App for the iPad for quite sometime. I use it almost religiously in rehearsals and meetings. Owned by Evernote, there is a seamless syncing that brings all of my Penultimate notebooks into Evernote for archiving. Other digital note taking Apps have more features and in a […]

Evernote Brings Back Digital Inking in Android Beta


Long time fans of Evernote will remember that it was a favorite Digital Ink note taking App for the Tablet PC. That was back in a day when Apps were applications. Evernote’s Ink note taking abilities were a favorite of many. Since the demise of the Tablet PC, Evernote has moved on to other things […]

Penultimate Update Improves Adonit Jot Script Stylus Further


I’ve been following and reporting on the Adonit Jot Script Stylus since its debut awhile ago. The Adonit Jot Script Stylus uses BlueTooth LE to pair with the iPad to bring more accuracy to your Digital Inking. The Adonit Jot Script Stylus Evernote Edition was designed to be used with Penultimate, a very popular note […]

Penultimate Goes Free, Adds Evernote Integration


Today Evernote released Penultimate 4, the new version of the popular note-taking iPad app, and made the app free for new users. The new version of Penultimate improves the inking capabilities of the app, and adds a number of new features. Evernote says that inking in the new version is smoother and sharper than previous […]

Back to Early Roots: Evernote Acquires iOS Inking App Penultimate

Evernote Acquires Penultimate | Evernote Blogcast

Well, well, well. This is an interesting pairing. Evernote is announcing that it has acquired Cocoa Box Design, the company that created the very popular Digital Inking iOS App, Penultimate. The news of the acquisition comes very shortly after Evernote completed a $70 million funding round that puts its valuation at the $1 billion mark. […]

Top 10 Writing Apps For the iPad (Video)

iPad Writing Apps

The iPad is a great tool for writing, blogging and note-taking with the right tools. I use my iPad to write on a regular basis, and these apps make it possible to get work done on the iPad, even replacing a laptop on short trips. The key to content creation, note taking and writing on the iPad […]

Review: The Cosmonaut Capacitive Stylus


I’ve checked out quite a few different styli to be used with an iPad. I know it is verboten to think of using a stylus on that Tablet, but hey, I do take a lot of notes in rehearsal and quite frankly I don’t like to finger paint when I do so. One of the […]

Answering Some Questions on Digital Inking and the iPad


I received this email from GBM Reader Adam K a few weeks ago. It’s taken me awhile to get this post ready to respond but here it is. First the email: Warner, Thanks again for allowing me to reach out to you for advice. I watched your review of multiple options for inking on an […]

The iPad: 11 Months In and Getting Ready for iPad 2


It seems appropriate on some level to talk about my iPad usage after spending the last 11 months with the device now that we are on the cusp of the newer iPad 2 getting into consumer’s hands as early as tomorrow. I do plan on ordering an iPad 2 and moving forward with that platform […]

Is Tablet Inking Dead?


This morning I received an email from a long time reader asking the question in the title of this post. Here’s an except from that email: I’m a vice president in a large company and have relied on my tablet for more years than I want to admit. WHERE IS ONENOTE IN ALL THIS MESS?  […]

Now What Do I Do With This New Tablet I Got for Christmas?


So, you got your wish and got a Tablet for Christmas. Perhaps it’s an iPad, or maybe a Samsung Galaxy Tab, or maybe some other Tablet/Slate. No matter, I’m sure you’re already up and running. You’ve pinched and zoomed, you browsed the web, you’ve probably listened to a bit of music and watched some video, […]

I’m Using My iPad More and More. Am I Alone?

GBMInkShow Inking on the iPad

Fellow GBMer Chris Leckness sparked a conversation with this post, I don’t use my iPad. Am I Alone? A few folks say they are in the same place as Chris. A few more asked him to send his iPad to them if he wasn’t using it. I’m responding to his points here, because I’m in […]

GBM InkShow: Inking on the iPad

GBMInkShow Inking on the iPad

First up, before I get to the subject of this InkShow, thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my family for all the kind wishes, prayers, and support the GBM community has offered on the occasion of the passing of my Mother. She’s at peace now and our family is slowly starting […]

BoxWave iPad Stylus Takes the Lead in My Inking Testing

Pastebot 2010-07-30 12.43.34 PM 3

As I’ve been continuing my reporting on Inking with a stylus on the iPad, I’ve been anxious to check out some newer styli (at least newer to me.) Today I received the BoxWave Apple iPad Capacitive Stylus and I have to say this is the best stylus I’ve tried so far in terms of laying […]

Noterize Aims for OneNote Like Note Taking on iPad

Pastebot 2010-07-29 10.23.35 AM 4

After writing up a four month look back at some of the Apps I’ve been using on the iPad and another on the dreaded sytli I’ve been testing and using, GBM reader Jim, pointed me to a recently released App, called Noterize. I’ve been doing some initial testing of the App this morning, and depending […]