WritePad for iPad Contest Winners Announced


Well, when you run a contest and ask for folks to send you a doodle or sketch to enter you certainly open things up for some interesting entries. Our five winners (selected at random from all those who submitted) sent in the entries below and we’re grateful for their submissions. We’re also grateful to the […]

WritePad for iPad Contest Closes in a Few Hours

WritePad for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Don’t forget to enter the WritePad for the iPad Contest this morning. You’ve got until 12 noon EDT to enter. And you can find out all the details in this post. We’re giving away five copies to five winners. Winners will be announced Monday.  

Review: PhatPad for the iPad


Digital Inkers will want to check this out. No question about it. Is PhatPad for the iPad an App that will make Digital Inkers forget Tablet PCs. No. We aren’t there yet because we all know we’re going to need a hardware and software solution before that happens on present day Tablets and Slates. That […]

PhatPad for iPad Winners Announced


OK, I’m just going to say this and then follow up with a review tomorrow. If you’re like me and been looking for a good Digital Inking solution for the iPad, you need to check out PhatPad for the iPad. PhatPad offers different kinds of Digital Inkers multiple solutions. Whether or not you need handwriting […]

PhatPad for iPad Now Released. We’ve Got Codes to Give Away


Good news for digital inkers who use an iPad. PhatWare the makers of WritePad, PhatNotes and other digital inking software has just released PhatPad for the iPad. And we’ve got some codes to give away! See below the video for details. I haven’t had an opportunity to check out PhatPad for the iPad yet, but […]

Win a Copy of WritePad for the iPad


Phatware is sponsoring a giveaway for its excellent handwriting recognition app WritePad. We gave away one copy last week (congrats, TabletTeacher) and now we have five more licenses to give away courtesy of Phatware. If you want to do Digital Inking and handwriting recognition on your iPad, than WritePad is the App for you. Tablet […]

WritePad for iPad Update Now Uses Dropbox


Phatware’s WritePad for the iPad is one of the better Digital Ink note taking apps out there depending on your note taking needs. If you need handwriting recognition it is the best I’ve used.  For many early Tablet PC users its UI will feel very familiar as it offers both a TIP like writing window […]

Win a Free Copy of WritePad for the iPad


The good folks at PhatWare behind the App, WritePad for the iPad, were kind enough to send me a promotional code to get a free version of the App. I already own it, so they’ve granted permission for me to give it away. So, hey, I’m giving it away.WritePad for the iPad runs $9.99 if […]

PenOffice 3.1 Offers OpenOffice Inking Support


Phatware has released version 3.1 of their PenOffice software.  If you are an OpenOffice.org users with a Tablet PC, then you need to check out this update.  The new version of PenOffice now includes support for OpenOffice.org 3.0 or later documents.  That means that programs like Writer, Calc and Draw documents can now have handwritten […]

PhatWare Goes iPhone


PhatWare, a company that has long brought some interesting mobile apps to mobile devices including Tablet PCs is going iPhone in a big way and they are promising more down the road. They’ve created three applications that utilize handwriting recognition on the iPhone. The applications currently in the App Store include:    

PhatWare’s PenOffice 3.0 Released


Looking to add additional markup and collaboration features to your Office programs? Checkout PhatWare’s newly released PenOffice 3.0. It is available for $59.95, but is a free upgrade to current users of PenOffice 2.6. The new features include: Redesigned look and feel in the user interface (UI) – more than 75% of the software codebase […]

PenCommander 2.1 Released

One of the things I really enjoy about using my Tablet PC is issuing commands to start Outlook, email a friend, go to website, etc using my pen. Using PenCommander allows you to do just that. Phatware has just released version PenCommander 2.1 offering an improved user interface, reduced memory footprint, and better support for […]

Phatware Releases PhatPad Version 4.5 for Tablet PCs and Windows Mobile

Phatware has released PhatPad 4.5, the next generation of their note taking and organizing software for Tablet PCs and Windows Mobile devices. The new version is comptabile with Windows Vista SP1 and Windows Mobile 6.1, contains two new UI themes and a Windows Taskbar icon, and also allows you to take a picture with your […]

Get PhatWare Products at 33% Off

PhatWare is celebrating their 10-year anniversary by offering a substantial 33% off their entire line of software products, which includes the popular Tablet PC apps Phatware Commander and PhatPad ( InkShow review links ). Here are the details: In the wake of PhatWare’s 10th anniversary, we are pleased to offer a 33% discount on all […]

PhatPad 4.4 Released

PhatWare just released an update to their popular PhatPad note-taking software. Matt has done a couple of InkShows on a previous version on PhatPad; the first was on using PhatPad on a Tablet PC and the second related to using PhatPad to sync this notes with a Windows Mobile device. PhatPad 4.4 includes the capability […]