Tom Brady Destroys His Phone and You Should Too

Tom Brady breaks his old cell phone on purpose, and maybe you should too. CC BY-SA 2.0 Keith Allison on Flickr.

Tom Brady smashes and destroys his cell phone every eight months according to his testimony to Roger Goodell during an appeal hearing where Brady asked the NFL commissioner to remove or reduce his four game suspension for Deflategate. This all stems from a Patriots Colts game where investigators discovered the football was not inflated correctly. […]

3 Ways Facebook Hello Makes Android Calls Better


Facebook is everywhere these days, and the company isn’t slowing down anytime soon and actually looking to integrate even deeper into the daily lives of smartphone users. With Facebook Messenger now being a standalone messaging app taking on WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and more. Today, Facebook announced a brand new app for Android called Hello that […]

Amazon Smartphone Release to Hit AT&T First


Amazon is expected to announce its highly-anticipated 3D smartphone tomorrow, and while we don’t know much about the rumored device so far, it’s said that it will arrive on AT&T as an exclusive. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon’s upcoming smartphone will arrive on AT&T only, but no word as far as whether […]

iPhone 6’s Best Feature May Be More than Just a Big Screen

The iPhone 6 could use a new display technology with many benefits.

iPhone 6 rumors point to a larger display for two iPhone 6 models, but a new report suggests Apple has a trick up its sleeve to make the iPhone 6 display stand out as much more than just a larger iPhone. The iPhone 6 may use a newer screen technology, similar to that found on […]

U.S. Airlines: Talking and Flying? It Can Wait.


Despite the FCC moving to open up the discussion on whether or not airline passengers should be allowed to make in-flight calls, it looks like the issue may be a moot discussion with opposition from a number of airlines in the U.S. Delta Airlines CEO Richard Anderson not only says that his company opposes the […]

Verizon 4G LTE Broadband Router With Voice (MiFi Home) Review


Unlike Verizon’s other MiFi products made by Novatel Wireless, the new 4G LTE Broadband Router with Voice, also branded as the MiFi Home, is not designed to be used as a truly mobile product. Instead, Verizon is showcasing its latest MiFi Home as an affordable, convenient way to either allow users to cut the cord […]

FreedomPop Launches Free Phone Service


In an effort to take on other carriers and create a market for customers wanting the basic and minimum cell phone service, FreedomPop has launched a free VoIP-based mobile service that gives consumers 200 minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of data every month for free. The only costs you’ll be paying are up front, […]

How Samsung Killed the Nokia Lumia EOS Before It Even Launches


To preface this editorial, I’ll begin by saying that I am a fond Nokia user who have appreciated the camera technology that the Finnish smartphone-maker has brought to market for quite some time now. However, despite my fondness for Nokia’s imaging, which later evolved to carry its own PureView branding, Nokia may have missed an […]

Galaxy S4 Active Gains FCC Approval Ahead of Samsung’s June Event


Ahead of Samsung’s scheduled June 20th event to unveil new Galaxy and ATIV products, the FCC has approved the rugged and waterproof Galaxy S4 Active smartphone. The U.S. regulatory agency approval shows that the device packs the same LTE bands that are supported on the AT&T Galaxy S4, suggesting that the Galaxy S4 Active will […]

Phone Calls Not An Important Feature for Smartphone Owners


While smartphones, with its many features, have become versatile computers in our mobile toolkit in recent years, the importance of placing calls on smartphones have seemingly declined as users are now using their phones more for other activities. Phone usage on a smartphone is now trailing usage for browsing the Internet, checking and updating social […]

T-Mobile to Introduce Unlimited Any Mobile Plan April 4


According to a leaked document, T-Mobile USA may introduce a plan add-on that will allow its customers in the U.S. to call any domestic mobile number and not have those calls count against their monthly minute allotments. The document was obtained by T-Mobile news-centric blog TmoNews and indicates that the plan will cost an extra […]

Samsung Ambitiously Paving the Phablet Road


Samsung announced at Mobile World Congress that in four months time, the company had shipped 2 million units of the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, a device that straddles the phone and tablet form factors. While the Note has attracted a devoted following of people who appreciate the device’s portability as a tablet while still retaining functionality […]

U.S. Continues to Allow Hands-Free Phone Usage in Cars


Despite recommendations by the National Transportation Safety Board to ban hands-free gadget usage in automobiles in the U.S., the Department of Transportation says that it will continue to allow for hands-free use. In the most recent years, a number of states have shifted policy that bans phones from being used for calls or texting unless […]

Will This Flexible Transparent Display Revolutionize Tablets? (Video)

Flexible transparent tablet and phone of the future

In the future, technology is always cooler. If you watch enough science fiction, you’ll pick up on the fact that our future selves really want to be able to see through our displays. In addition to transparent displays, the future is also full of flexible displays. I mean, what good is a large transparent display […]

Why Visual Voicemail Is Not Available on Ice Cream Sandwich at Launch


Following confirmation that Adobe Flash Player, currently in version 11, is missing at launch of Ice Cream Sandwich, Google is now letting users know why the anticipated visual voicemail feature has also not appeared on Galaxy Nexus smartphones as sales of the phone have begun. According to Google, the feature is supported in Ice Cream […]

Asus Confirms Padphone Coming with Ice Cream Sandwich by End of Year


In addition to showing off the Transformer Prime tablet with a quad-core CPU and Android Ice Cream Sandwich onboard, Asus head Jonney Shih also took time to confirm that the Padfone will be coming to market by the end of the year. The Padfone was unveiled earlier this year and introduced a new hardware concept […]

How to Make Android SmartPhones Friendly for Older Users

Android Font Size

Interested in using a smartphone because you want to check email, see grandchildren’s pictures, and reconnect with friends on Facebook? Annoyed at the fact that everyone’s expecting you to need nothing more than a Jitterbug cellphone? There are a number of Android options and apps that make Android smartphones accessible to older users. The Android […]

T-Mobile Adds Option for Real Name Caller ID Service for Mobile


T-Mobile USA will be looking to differentiate its network and offerings to consumers by offering them an optional real name caller ID service. Caller ID on mobile today only displays a caller’s number when they call in, unless the caller’s name and information has been saved to the phone book where the cell phone can […]

Knockoff Phone Kills 25 Year Old Man in India

Shanzai Phone

A 25 year old man from India has reportedly died after being electrocuted by a phony cell phone, known in most places as a Shanzhai phone. Back in April, we showed you a movie that touched on China’s thriving knock-off phone industry in a city called Shenzhen. It’s extremely fascinating but, as it turns out, […]