Samsung Galaxy S4 Glamour Shots Allegedly Show Final Design

A close up of the texture on a claimed Samsung Galaxy S4.

New alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 photos are now available showing a Galaxy S4 smartphone with the curves of a Samsung Galaxy S3, a new dot-textured pattern on the front and back, and a design that is much thinner looking than the leaked video of a Galaxy S4. The set of photos also includes highlights of the smart […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Photos Allegedly Show Design, Features & More

This is a rumored Galaxy S4 photo.

The fist alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 photos appeared online days ahead of the Galaxy S4 launch event. A dozen Galaxy S4 photos show a large Samsung smartphone with curved corners, a physical home button and a silver stripe along the side. While the photos don’t show measurements, we are able to get an idea for […]

Alleged iPad 5 Photos Show Thinner iPad Mini Design

iPad 5 vs iPad mini

The first unconfirmed photos of the iPad 5 show a new thinner design that looks much like the iPad mini with a black back and rounded edges. 9to5Mac shares the iPad 5 back photos next to the same part for the iPad mini, which the site says come from a, “purported China-based iPad accessories maker.” […]

Twitter to Introduce Photo Filters for Holiday App Update?


Twitter may be working on an update to its mobile app that would include new photo filters for the holidays. The holiday timing makes sense considering that rival photo sharing service Instagram reported a record-breaking number of photo uploads over the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s unclear how many–or what types–of filters would be introduced as part […]

Instagram No Longer Supports Twitter Cards


Instagram photos may look strange on the Twitter website, and that’s because Instagram removed its support for Twitter cards according to The New York Times. Twitter cards is what Twitter calls all the information around each individual tweet on the website. Now, when viewing an Instagram photo on the Twitter website, photos either appear off-center […]

Nexus 4 vs. iPhone 5 Camera Shootout

iPhone 5 Camera Sample city - 1

The iPhone 5 or the Nexus 4, smartphone cameras are the go-to camera for many owners. Both of these phones sport an 8MP sensor, but the iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 don’t capture the same photos. In the camera comparison below, we look at how the LG Nexus 4 compares to the iPhone 5 in […]

iPad mini Detailed in Pictures

A visitor looks over the new iPad mini at an Apple event in San Jose

Apple announced the IPad mini and a collection of new Apple products at a special event in San Jose on October 23rd. The new iPad mini is a smaller version of Apple’s wildly popular iPad tablet. The new 7.9-inch tablet is Apple’s first new iPad product since the line was introduced in 2010. Apple plans to offer […]

How to Remove Red Eye from iPhone photos

Red Eye

Red eye is a common problem with iPhone photos, but it’s easy to fix right on the iPhone. If a group of people are being photographed in low light, it’s almost a given that someone will look like a zombie thanks to red eyes. The reason red eye occurs is the way our eye reflects […]

How to Fix Facebook Cannot Upload Photos in iOS 6

Facebook Photo Upload Not Allowed Lock Icon - 5

After updating to the latest software, some iPhone users cannot upload photos to Facebook, encountering a lock screen telling them, “This app does not have access to your photos and videos.” Users that see this message in the Facebook app in iOS 6 won’t be able to upload photos to Facebook from the Facebook app, […]

Google+ Saved My Mom’s Photos

Google Instant Upload Saves Photos

After sending off for a replacement phone, my mom told me the only thing she lost were her smartphone photos, but thanks to Google+ she didn’t lose a thing. When my mom picked the LG Lucid on Verizon for her first smartphone, one of the first things I did was make sure the Google+ app […]

Instagram 3.0 Adds Photo Maps, New User Profiles

Instagram Photo Maps

Today Instagram updated to version 3.0 on iOS and Android, and the update brings a number of improvements to the service. The big new feature in Instagram 3.0 is the new Photo Maps feature. Photo Maps show user’s photos with geolocation on a map. The feature shows photos taken in one area stacked in groups. When […]

Dropbox for iPhone Adds Automatic Photo Uploading

Dropbox photo upload

iPhone users who rely on Dropbox no longer have to worry about their friends with Android having a much better Dropbox app. The latest version of Dropbox for iOS adds the ability to automatically upload photos to the cloud storage service. According to Engadget, the new Dropbox for iOS 1.5 offers the ability to automatically […]

iPhone 5 Photo Renders Offer Lifelike Look at Possible New iPhone

iPhone 5 Photo Leak size

The iPhone 5 remains a secret, but that hasn’t stopped talented graphic designers from putting together iPhone 5 photos that show us what the new iPhone might look like. You’ll have to wait for the iPhone 5 release date this fall to know for sure, but here is one take on what the iPhone 5 […]

What Facebook’s Instagram Purchase Means for Users

Facebook Buys Instagram

Hot on the heels of Instagram for Android’s release, Facebook announced that it has acquired Instagram for $1 billion in stock options. Instagram is a photo editing and sharing app for Android and iPhone which allows users to apply artistic filters to photos and share them on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Instagram is also a growing social […]

New iPad Camera: Samples from the Wild

New iPad Camera Samples Show Vast Improvement from iPad 2

Apple has a new iPad coming out on Friday. It’s called the iPad and it’s going to be coming with some significant upgrades over its predecessor. One of those improvements is the device’s camera which figures to be a massive improvement over the iPad 2’s. And while Apple provided us with some sample shots taken […]

New iPad Sample Photos Show Off Improved Camera

New iPad Sample Photos Show Off Improved Camera

Apple announced the new iPad, dubbed iPad, today at an event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and it’s going to be coming with a number of upgrades over the previous version of the iPad, the iPad 2. One of those upgrades is going to be a new camera that […]

Android Apps Can Also Upload Photos Without Explicit Permission

Android Apps access to Photos

On the heels of iOS apps getting caught uploading user contacts and photos, Google’s Android operating system for phones and tablets is under fire for a similar vulnerability. As it turns out, if an Android app has access to the Internet, it can upload your photos without asking permission. According The New York Times Bits […]

Google+ for iPhone Adds Instant Upload for Photos

Google+ for iOS Instant Upload

Google’s social network isn’t exactly the busiest one at there, but Google is working to make it better with constant improvements. The latest improvement is for the Google+ iPhone app, which brings in some features that have been on the Android app for a while. Those features include Instant Upload, the What’s Hot stream, and […]

HTC Titan battery life and camera samples


In my series showing my transition from Android back to Windows Phone, I have noted that the battery life has been lacking on the HTC Titan. I know the reason for this is that I couldn’t put the phone down for more than 10 minutes. It was in my hand all day for the 1st […]

How To Get iCloud’s Photo Stream Working On A Windows PC

iCloud Control Panel Download Page

Now that you’ve downloaded iOS 5 to your iPad (well, hopefully…) you can sign up for an iCloud account and start syncing and backing up your data across devices. This includes Photo Stream, which automatically saves all the pictures you take on your iPad or iPhone to the cloud and to synced devices. Though iCloud […]