LG Optimus Note Leaks Out: 4-Inch NOVA Display, Tegra 2, Physical Keyboard

LG Optimus Note

Have you been waiting for a dual-core slider made by LG? If you have, then you’ll be excited to know that a device called the LG Optimus Note has leaked out in Korea and will be bringing some fairly intriguing specifications along with it. What are those specifications you ask? Well, for starters. It’s going […]

HTC Omega Windows Phone Gets Caught in the Wild (Photos)

HTC Omega

We’ve already heard quite about the HTC Omega, a Windows Phone device that we expect HTC to unveil on September 1st, but until these photos leaked out, we hadn’t seen it show up in the wild. Before today, we had only seen it show up in a render. The photos come courtesy of an Algerian […]

Droid Bionic Appears in More Official Images

Droid Bionic

Yesterday, we saw some official press shots of the Motorola Droid Bionic leak out which gave us a good look at its thickness. To be honest, it doesn’t look like it’s that much bigger than the original Droid X. Of course, we’ll need to get hands-on before we can confirm that. Still, that’s fantastic news […]

HTC Vigor Photos Surface for the First Time

HTC Vigor

Earlier today we got our first glimpse at one mythical beast, the Samsung Galaxy S II and its three variants for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, and now we have a glimpse at another unicorn. No, not the iPhone 5. The upcoming HTC Vigor for Verizon that is rumored to be coming out in October. The […]

Leaked Droid Bionic Press Shots Reveal Its Thickness

Droid Bionic

When it rains it pours and just a short time after we showed you a lengthy preview video of the Motorola Droid Bionic some new images of the upcoming 4G LTE handset have leaked out giving us a clear unobstructed look at one of the most anticipated phones in a long time. One of the […]

HTC Bliss Gets Caught in the Wild (Photos)

HTC Bliss

Finally, courtesy of XDA.cn, we have a glimpse of the upcoming HTC Bliss that is more than likely going to be headed to Verizon’s 3G network at some point in the not-so-distant future. This is the first time that the phone has been clearly captured in the wild and from these photos, we get a […]

Latest Droid Bionic Photos Show Off Potential Battery Life

Droid Bionic

Earlier today we showed you the first real video of the Motorola Droid Bionic, a video that showed off the upcoming phone’s 4G LTE speeds, its boot animation and a glimpse at its MotoBlur software. And now, just a short time after that leak, we have some more photos that have leaked out courtesy of […]

Great One-Minute Travel Films, How to Make Your Own

Screen Shot 2011-08-05 at 8.43.01 AM

A trio of globetrotters recently trimmed down 44 days of travel into three one-minute films. A lot of talent, creativity and technology went into making these videos. You won’t get the same results by shooting videos on your mobile phone and editing them on your tablet, but these films can serve as inspiration and teach […]

Motorola Droid Bionic Photos Leak Out, Show Off New Design

Droid Bionic

A couple of days ago we saw the official Motorola Droid Bionic specifications leak out ahead of its anticipated September launch. Exciting stuff. Today though, we have another leak that kind of puts that one to shame. New photos. Droid-Life has unearthed some new photos of the newly redesigned Droid Bionic that give us a […]

iPhone 4 with Plastic Case May Target Cheap Android Phones

iPhone 4 Prototype with Plastic instead of glass Leaked

Some pictures of what claims to be a prototype version of the iPhone 4 made with a plastic housing instead of glass were leaked by a Vietnamese site that gained notoriety by releasing photos of early iPhone 4 prototypes, a prototype of the iPod Touch with a camera, and others. The translation posted at MacRumors […]

6 Firework Photo Tips For iPhone or Android

Fireworks photo android smartphone

With the Fourth of July around the corner its assured that our smartphone cameras will soon be trained on fireworks. While a heavy duty DSLR may be your best bet for firework photos, it doesn’t mean you can’t capture some amazing fireworks photos from your smartphone. 6 Firework Photo Tips For iPhone or Android Not every smartphone […]

7 Android Camera Apps to Take Better Photos

camera 360 Android app HDR effect

The camera on your Android smartphone can easily deliver spectacular shots on par with many point and shoot cameras. While the camera app will vary from phone to phone, you can always upgrade to a better camera app to take your Android photography skills to the next level. Next time you go out for a photography walk […]

8 iPhone Camera Apps to Take Your Photos to the Next Level


The iPhone 4 camera is one of the best smartphone cameras available, and set to get better in iOS 5, but if you want to start taking better pictures right now, you need to check out these 8 amazing iPhone camera apps. iOS 5 will improve the camera app adding things like composition grid lines, […]

How The Iconia Tab A500 Almost Replaced My Point and Shoot

A500 Camer App

As I test the Acer Iconia Tab A500, I was surprised at how much I liked using the tablet as a camera because of the built-in app and the large screen. While the quality of the images is less than stellar, the experience of taking pictures on a large screen is surprisingly good. If Acer […]

Why iCloud is Perfect for the Average iOS User


As nearly half of all iPhone owners don’t connect their smartphones to their computers to backup or sync content after the initial activation process, Apple’s introduction of the cloud-based synchronization system called iCloud may help customers more effectively manage, backup, and restore data on their phones in the event of data loss. As users increasingly […]

In Wake of iOS 5, iCloud Announcements, Microsoft Details SkyDrive Features for Windows Phone 7 Mango Update

After Apple had announced its next-generation iOS 5 software and the iCloud photo, documents, and music synchronization engine with the cloud, Microsoft is revealing more information about its SkyDrive document and photo synchronization service as part of the Windows Phone 7 Mango update that’s slated to come this fall. SkyDrive is a cloud-based service that […]

Photo Stream: How Microsoft’s Failed KIN Still Beats iCloud


Even after over a year since Microsoft had launched the now defunct KIN, a Windows Phone that the company had hoped would consumerized the platform ahead of the Windows Phone 7 launch debut, Apple’s iCloud announcement at WWDC falls short when it comes to photo streaming. As the iPhone-maker aims for simplicity while at the […]

Further Hints of Photo Stream Social Feature Found in iOS 5


There are now further hints of a social photo stream feature was found inside iOS 5. An iPhone 4 user had reported that there are reference to Photo Stream photo albums on iOS 4.3 on an iPhone 4, but those references were not visible to users in the Photos app but were revealed by links […]

Google Circles Social Network Not Yet (or Ever) Launching

Image: www.jasontheodor.com

Despite rumors of a false start for a Google-developed social network called Circles, the Mountain View, California-based search giant is denying that Circles is launching, at least not at the South by Southwest Interactive digital conference in Austin, Texas this week. In an interview with All Things D, Google’s Chris Messina, who’s closely associated with […]