8 Great Road Trip Apps for iPhone

Navigon GPS iPhone App

My family and I are enjoying a road trip across the southeastern US and thanks to the following apps we’ve had a great trip so far. The iPhone apps below have helped us find our way, get good prices on both gas and hotels and discover cool activities and places we would have otherwise drive […]

8 iPhone Camera Apps to Take Your Photos to the Next Level


The iPhone 4 camera is one of the best smartphone cameras available, and set to get better in iOS 5, but if you want to start taking better pictures right now, you need to check out these 8 amazing iPhone camera apps. iOS 5 will improve the camera app adding things like composition grid lines, […]

UScapeit Joins the Panorama Sharing App Race

My Scape 7

It seems like being able to take panoramic views and share them is all the rage these days. We just posted about Microsoft’s debuting its Photosynth App for the iPhone two days ago. Now there’s another entry into the field that does things a little differently. That’s called UScapeit and its developed by EveryScape. The […]