Android Smartphones With Physical Keyboards Aren’t Dead Yet

The LG Enact is coming to Verizon soon, according to reports.

It seems that Android users looking for a device with a QWERTY physical keyboard may have one more reason to savor their next phone upgrade. Rumors indicate that Verizon users could see the LG Enact as soon as this week. Mobile industry insider @EvLeaks shared some rumored details about the device on the social network […]

Spike iPhone Keyboard Case Delivers BlackBerry Style Keys

iPhone physical keyboard

The iPhone lacks a physical keyboard, but it doesn’t have to. Users who need a physical keyboard to feel at home need to check out the Spike iPhone case on Kickstarter. The Spike cases add a physical keyboard to the iPhone without covering up the screen all the time or requiring users to add an incredibly bulky bluetooth […]

Confirmed: First BlackBerry 10 Phone Won’t Have Physical Keyboard

The first BlackBerry 10 phone won't look like this.

RIM has confirmed the rumors. The first BlackBerry 10 smartphone won’t feature a physical keyboard. The Associated Press is reporting that the company has made it clear that the first handset running BlackBerry 10, RIM’s new operating system, will not have one of RIM’s iconic physical QWERTY keyboards. Instead, the device will rely on the […]

RIM Isn’t Ditching Physical Keyboards with BlackBerry 10

RIM Isn't Ditching Physical Keyboards with BlackBerry 10

Earlier today, RIM posted a short video showing off its upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system. The video depicts a new virtual keyboard complete with predictive text and it left some wondering whether RIM would still be releasing phones with physical QWERTY keyboards. Without going into specifics, the company confirmed that it will not be abandoning […]

Samsung Stratosphere Review – 4G LTE and a Physical Keyboard

Samsung Stratosphere Review - Keyboard

The Samsung Stratosphere on Verizon makes the 4G LTE a real option for the numerous smartphone owners who need a physical keyboard. While these phones are falling away as thinner smartphones gain popularity, many users still want a physical keyboard. The Stratosphere doesn’t boast the latest specs, like a dual core processor, but the ability […]

Motorola Droid 3 Available Online Today for $199

Motorola Droid 3 Keyboard Angle

The Motorola Droid 3 is now available for purchase online at Verizon, with in store availability on July 14th. The Droid 3 is a global ready 3G smartphone with a 5 row slide out keyboard. This marks the third iteration of the Motorola Droid and looks to offer a refined Droid experience. Quick Specs The […]