Has the iPhone 5 Been Spotted in the Wild?


If you aren’t about to pass out yet from all of the iPhone 5 rumors we’ve been swamped with, we have one that looks like it could have some legs. 9to5Mac was tipped off by a commuter who thinks he spotted an Apple employee holding the unannounced phone on a train. He whipped out his […]

Is This What Amazon’s Tablet Will Look Like?

Amazon Tablet wm

We have all known for a while now that Amazon has a tablet in the queue. Today the Wall Street Journal shed some more light on the subject with word that the slate will be arriving “by October.” So we decided to put our Photoshop skills to use and show you what we think the […]

Spike Lee Shoots President Obama with an iPad

Spike Lee photographs President Barak Obama with iPad 2

Let’s say you are a world-class film maker and you are about to meet the leader of the free world. You might want to catch the moment on video for your own personal memories and even to share with fans of your work. At the very least you will want to get a high quality […]