Netflix Looks to Torrent Sites for Help with Most-Popular Shows

Netflix: No Current Plans to Support BlackBerry Devices

In an effort to decrease piracy, Netflix is actually looking to piracy websites for help on determining what the most-popular TV shows and movies are. According to Tweakers, Netflix’s Vice President of Content Acquisition, Kelly Merryman, says that the popularity of movies and TV shows on file-sharing platforms helps determine what content that Netflix buys the […]

Installous is Dead, But Evasi0n Jailbreak Shows Piracy Isn’t

Installous Alternatives Piracy Not Dead

One of the biggest complaints about jailbreaking is the contingent of jailbreakers who use the jailbreak to pirate apps with Installous and Installous alternatives. Many in the jailbreak community look forward to the evasi0n iOS 6.1 jailbreak so they can customize their iPhone and get closer to an Open iOS, which is what the evad3rs have in […]

Service Lets Users Install Pirated iPhone Apps without iOS 6 Jailbreak

Pirated apps no iOS 6 jailbreak

A new service has found a way to let users install pirated iPhone and iPad apps without the need for an iOS 6 jailbreak, opening the door for piracy on millions of Apple devices. While work on an iOS 6 jailbreak continues into the new year, a new service called Zeusmos is gaining popularity thanks to the ability […]

U.S. Department of Justice Seizes Android Piracy Websites

anti-piracy warning

We’ve heard reports that piracy is a big problem for Android developers, and now it seems the U.S. government is doing its part to prevent it. In a press release issued this morning the Department of Justice announced it took down three websites devoted to Android piracy:, and The operation also included the […]

Dead Trigger for Android Goes Free Due to Piracy

Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger, the new game from Madfinger Games is now free on Android, but only because too many people weren’t paying for it before. The game went for $0.99 on the Google Play Store to Free over the weekend, and today the developer issued a statement regarding the price drop on Facebook. According to the […]

RIM to Stop App Sideloading on BlackBerry PlayBook to Curb Piracy


In an effort to curtail piracy of apps, Research in Motion will roll out a new software update at some point in the future that would remove the ability for users to side load applications, though that capability will remain in some form for developers for the platform. Sideloading is a process that allows users […]

Why the War Against Piracy Has Gotten Us Nowhere

pirate being hung for lady gaga

Great efforts have been taken lately in attempts to prevent digital piracy. U.S. internet service providers recently agreed to a “six strikes” agreement to put the policing in ISPs’ hands. Paypal agreed to work with London police to cut off a website that sells pirated content. And yesterday a UK high court ordered BT (the […]

Why Apple Needs Jailbreaking, but Must Attack It Anyway

Apple vs Jailbreakers

The cat and mouse game continues. The iOS hacking community has discovered another vulnerability in Apple’s beloved operating system, and Apple promises an update to plug the hole. Though this modern-day Tom & Jerry episode can make for great entertainment, is it necessary? While jailbreaking may actually be good for Apple, we won’t likely see […]

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace DRM Cracked, App Piracy to Come?

WPCentral was presented with a proof of concept program that can essentially strip the copy protection DRM mechanism found on Marketplace-purchased apps on Windows Phone 7 devices. Essentially, with the DRM protection removed, the opportunity will arise for piracy of apps made for Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. Marketplace is Microsoft’s official app store for […]