Pixel Qi to Deliver Low-Power Retina Display Rival


While the new third-generation iPad’s high resolution, densely packed Retina Display is garnering a lot of accolades for the clarity it delivers, there are some who are not pleased with the power consumption of the Retina Display screen and the heat it generates. One of those displeased is Pixel Qi, a company who makes a color […]

Pixel Qi Talks About Mass Adoption after Investment by 3M


Remember Pixel Qi? The makers of that very cool transflective 3Qi display that allowed for full color in LCD mode and an outdoor readable gray-scale screen might have just gotten a big leg up. The Notion Ink Adam was the device that seemed to carry Pixel Qi’s flag but it certainly hasn’t become a big seller. […]

2nd Gen Notion Ink Adam Clued for December Launch

Notion Ink Adam

Speaking with Light Reading India, CEO of Notion Ink, Rohan Shravan made it known that the company is looking to the launch the next version of their Android-based Adam tablet in December, in time to show off at the next CES.

Pixel Qi Looks to Expand Beyond Notion Ink Adam Tablets


Pixel Qi, makers of a screen technology that can be considered a good mix of the best of LCD (color) and e-ink (outdoors visibility, energy saving) features, is looking to invade more tablets beyond its popular release on the Notion Ink Adam Android tablet. The company is working with ZTE to re-release the ZTE Light, […]

Notion Ink Adam and Motorola Xoom Compared on Video

Inspiron41 posted a YouTube video comparing the Notion Ink Adam and the Motorola Xoom Tablets. Both have 10 inch screens and both run Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset. But the similarities end about there. Remember the Notion Ink Adam comes with a PIxel Qi screen that allows for good readability in direct sunlight. The Xoom is […]

What’s Hot in Notebooks and Tablets for the Week of Feb 18th


Another week is behind us which means another week of tech news and reviews to keep up on. We’ve rounded up the most popular news, how tos and reviews of the week from Notebooks.com and GottaBeMobile to make sure that you know what’s happening in the world of notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Hot News from […]

Notion Ink Readies 20 Apps with Tablet UI of Adam Android Tablet


Notion Ink’s Android-powered Adam tablet is almost here, and despite running on Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo operating system which Google says is made for smartphones rather than tablets, the 10-inch tablet with its low-power, sunlight-visible Pixel Qi display will come pre-loaded with 20 apps that are said to be tablet-ready. Like rival Samsung, which had […]

Pixel Qi-Powered Notion Ink Adam Android Tablet In Time for the Holidays


Notion Ink has released some exciting news–the company is aiming for a Holiday 2010 release of its Pixel-Qi-powered Adam tablet, which will ship with Android 2.2 Froyo. The company says that if it misses that shipping date, the Adam should be available by CES 2011, which happens in early January. Previously said to be priced […]

Pixel Qi announces low-powered side displays – great for mobile devices


While we wait (and wait and wait) for devices like the Notion Ink Adam to ship with Pixel Qi displays, LCDs that are readable with or without backlighting, the company is moving forward with their own plans to offer their displays as add-on solutions, including a secondary display that can run entirely on USB.

Pixel Qi Promises 7 Inch Screens


Pixel Qi remains one of those companies that we all want to hear more about. Hopefully you recall that Pixel Qi is the company behind the mutli-mode display technology that offers both LCD view-ability and a transflective mode that allows for better outdoor viewing. Last week we heard from Notion Ink, one of the companies […]

Notion Ink Adam gets price, still somewhat vaporous


Slashgear, which has become the defacto media outlet for Notion Ink, reports that the long-awaited, many-faced Adam tablet will be priced from $399 to $498, depending on model, and has picked up several enhancements. Great news if it ever gets released.

Pixel Qi Display DIY Netbook Upgrade


Our friend Joanna Stern installed a Pixel Qi 3Qi display on her Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2 and the results look pretty good. The Pixel Qi transflective display, originally designed by the OLPC team, is now available from MakerShed for $275 and it appears to be a pretty simple upgrade. Outdoor transflective displays have been available on […]

Snow Day Thoughts on the iPad: The Perfect “Wait and See” Device

iPad v. A Rock

A snowstorm that wasn’t supposed to hit our area that hard, hit us harder than expected. With the unusually cold weather in our area it created quite a bit of havoc.  We had to cancel two performances of The Buddy Holly Story at Wayside Theatre today.  After dealing with disgruntled customers and getting our response […]

Notion Ink Slate on Video

Nvidia-Powered Devices on Video — Including Notion Ink Slate with Pixel Qi Display!

Kevin Tofel managed to grab a few moments of video with the Notion Ink Slate and captured some video. It’s will worth following the link to take a look at this. As I, and everybody has been saying, the Pixel Qi displays are going to be game changers.  You’ll also hear a spiel about NVidia’s  […]

Pixel Qi Screens Shed Light on the Future


I’ve been waiting to see some of my fellow bloggers take a hard look at the Pixel Qi screens that are debuting at CES2010 and well they have. Pretty much unanimously they seem to be saying that Pixel Qi is onto something. Here’s a quick round up: jkOnTheRun The Future of Netbooks and eReaders? Engadget […]

Notion Ink tablet named and priced

Electronista has an update on the Notion Ink smartpad tablet spotted by Slashgear more than a week ago, complete with name, release target and price point. Notion Ink plans to preview the Adam at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show scheduled for January, however the Android OS large-screen optimizations have yet to be finalized. Although the […]