Google Makes Less on Android Than Microsoft Does Through Licensing


According to Asymco, Google nets just under $3.00 per Android devices, which is significantly less than what rival Microsoft makes on Google’s platform by forcing patent licensing agreements on Android manufacturers. Asymco says that Google makes about $2.75 per device in ad sales every year. That number pales in comparison to the $5 to $15 […]

Samsung Shows That It Is a Software Company

Image credit Engadget

As exciting as it has been to talk, postulate, and speculate about the Galaxy S III’s hardware and specs before the third-generation Galaxy flagship smartphone was announced on May 3rd in London, once the device was announced one thing became apparent: Samsung is now a software company. That doesn’t mean that Samsung is shying away […]

Wozniak Endorses Windows Phone, Says Lumia 900 the Reincarnation of Steve Jobs


In a bit of controversy and publicity, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak had picked up the Nokia Lumia 900 flagship smartphone using Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Though Wozniak says that the iPhone is still his favorite device of choice, the Apple co-founder has demonstrated that he can be objective in his rivals’ products and was […]

Verizon: Third Platform Will Emerge Within Next 12 Months


While iOS and Android have secured their spots as the two dominant mobile operating systems today, Verizon Wireless is speculating that the third mobile platform will come in to place with a sizable lead over competitors within the next twelve months. In terms of major operating systems today in the choices we have left, there […]

HP’s webOS Fall Out May Benefit Android Most


Now that HP has announced that it will not be making new hardware for webOS, followed by a strategic message that the company will, however, continue to support the platform’s development despite the fire sale of devices over the weekend that placed the 16 GB model TouchPad at a bare $99, users of the platform […]

Google + Motorola, Will Webtop OS Pave the Way to an Android-Chromebook Dock?


Google has already stated a number of things about its announced $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility, including that Motorola wouldn’t be favored in making future Nexus products as well as other hardware partners in the ecosystem reacting positively to the announcement, but what we haven’t heard is how Motorola will add value to the […]

Note to Gadget Makers: It’s About The Software!

3DS no software

In a press release touting their sales in the month of June, Nintendo announced that sales of their classic DS portable console outsold the new 3DS by a 2:1 ratio (as reported by Techcrunch). Along with the woes of Android tablets, this is just the latest example that we have seen of a very simple […]

Two New Mobile Operating Systems/Platforms Coming Out of China


In addition to the major modern smartphone OSes today–iOS, Android, webOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, MeeGo, and Samsung’s Bada–two new players in China will be emerging with their own smartphone operating systems soon to compete with the established players. One group, Alibaba, is planning on introducing its own cloud-based OS. Unlike Google’s Android–which relies on […]

Motorola Expresses No Love for Windows Phone 7


At Mobile World Congress, Motorola Vice President of Software and Services Product Management Christy Wyatt didn’t rule out the possibility of a Motorola Mobility-branded Windows Phone 7 handset, but isn’t optimistic about utilizing Microsoft’s mobile platform. “I don’t envision us using Microsoft. I would never say never but it’s not something we’re entertaining now,” says […]