Recent BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update Shortens Battery Life


Research in Motion’s recent firmware update released to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet may have the ill effect of killing the tablet’s battery sooner than before the update. The device’s battery life was called into question before the tablet was even made available for public consumption, and RIM has promised a full day’s of power with […]

RIM Issues Recall for 1000 BlackBerry PlayBook Tablets

BlackBerry PlayBook Initial Setup

RIM confirmed today that it has recalled around 1000 BlackBerry PlayBook tablets because they were sent off with an unstable OS build that prevented them from being able to load up the software on the initial set-up of the device. The company claims that a majority of the devices affected by the bad version of […]

Weekly Wrapup: Notebook, Tablet and Smartphone News (May 6th)


It’s been a whirlwind week for smartphones and tablets. In case you missed the news and reviews, we have a collection of the hottest news of the week. We also have our top picks for notebook news and reviews to give you some afternoon reading. Smartphone and Tablet News for the week of May 6th The […]

RIM Demos Android Apps on BlackBerry PlayBook, Again (Video)

BlackBerry PlayBook

If RIM’s earlier demo of Android applications running on the BlackBerry PlayBook earlier wasn’t enough, the company has posted another video of the tablet showing off its ability to run applications of the Android variety. As opposed to the video earlier this week, RIM’s new video gives us a closer and more detailed look at […]

RIM Hints at Keyboard Plans for BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet


Research in Motion’s head of accessories Bruce Winter had hinted that a keyboard accessory may be coming in the next few months for the Canandian BlackBerry-maker’s first tablet foray with the BlackBerry PlayBook. The move would be the first time that RIM would be releasing a keyboard that’s not attached to one of its smartphones, known […]

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook Reportedly Delayed Again

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook

While we had heard that Sprint’s BlackBerry PlayBook would be launching on May 8th alongside the Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi and the Nexus S 4G. Unfortunately, it looks like May 8th isn’t going to be the date that the PlayBook hits Sprint as new found evidence points to another delay. An internal document procured by BriefMobile […]

RIM Demos Android Apps Running on BlackBerry PlayBook (Video)

BlackBerry PlayBook

Today at BlackBerry World, RIM finally gave us a taste of how Android applications are going to run on their tablet device, the BlackBerry PlayBook. Back at the end of March, RIM confirmed the fact that the PlayBook would eventually get the ability to run Android applications. In the video below, you’ll get a short […]

RIM Brings BBM to PlayBook Via BlackBerry Bridge


The good news is that early adopters of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet can now BBM their BFFs to their heart’s content. The bad news, however, is that BlackBerry Messenger on the PlayBook is not a native app and requires a BlackBerry smartphone to be tethered over Bluetooth to the PlayBook in a process called BlackBerry […]

Sales of BlackBerry PlayBook Exceeded Best Buy’s Expectations


Despite early mixed reviews for Research in Motion’s first foray into the tablet space, the PlayBook slate is doing well in terms of sales according to retail partner Best Buy. Though Best Buy did not release any early sales figure for the tablet, the retailer did say, “To date, we have far exceeded those expectations and […]

Facebook for BlackBerry PlayBook Arrives This Month, iPad 2 Owners Envious


RIM has announced that Facebook for the BlackBerry PlayBook will be coming later on this month with a host of features that should make PlayBook owners with a mean social networking habit very excited. The application is going to be an optimized addition for the PlayBook tablet meaning the device will likely see a dedicated […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Headed to Verizon

BlackBerry PlayBook for Verizon

According to Verizon’s 2011 winter consumer guide (seriously), the BlackBerry PlayBook will be headed to the network ‘soon.’ This is of course great news for folks who were downtrodden after Verizon indicated that it was still evaluating whether or not the PlayBook would show up on the network. When it’s going to show up exactly […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Coming to Sprint on May 8th?

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook

According to a report that’s backed with evidence, Sprint and RIM will be launching the BlackBerry PlayBook, in Wi-Fi only flavor, on May 8th. The evidence is an internal document that was snagged by SpanTechular and it indicates that May 8th is the day that the recently released BlackBerry PlayBook will be out and available […]

Weekly Wrap Up: Notebook, Tablet and Smart Phone News for April 22nd

iphone tracking

This past week was a big one, with iPhone tracking news and a collection of other big news. We’ve condensed the hottest topics in smartphones, tablets and notebooks into this post so you can get caught up before the weekend. Perhaps one of the biggest stories this week was the iPhone tracking story which our own Warner Crocker […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Review: A Short Video


Here’s a quick video look at the BlackBerry PlayBook. The web browser baked into the PlayBook is pretty nice and responsive. The $499 BlackBerry tablet just went on sale and RIM sent one over for review. In this video you can see that the PlayBook does indeed display very well. If I scroll super […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Review: First Impressions, Out of Box Experience


The BlackBerry PlayBook is finally here and I got a chance to unbox a review unit that RIM sent over yesterday afternoon. It’s clear that this is one high-quality piece of hardware, but it’s also clear that there’s a lot of room for improvement. We’ll put together a complete review in the coming days, but […]

PlayBook’s Problem is That RIM Doesn’t Have a Defined Playbook


Research in Motion’s first foray into the tablet market is met with lukewarm reviews. For the company’s first tablet effort, the build quality is there—the screen is bright and vivid, the metal chassis feels solid, and the device has a reassuring weight and thickness that makes it subtle, understated yet elegant. So why aren’t reviews […]

And Now for the Blackberry Playbook Reviews…


The embargo lifted for all of those reviewers who got their hands on review units of the Blackberry Playbook and so the Internets are buzzing with reviews. If you’ve been following the earlier reports from RIM and from those who saw earlier prototypes I don’t think you’ll be surprised by what we’re seeing so far. […]

BlackBerry PlayBook Now Up for Pre-Order at Radio Shack

BlackBerry PlayBook

Radio Shack has put RIM’s upcoming tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook, up for pre-order with a scheduled release date set for April 19th. The retailer is going to be selling the BlackBerry PlayBook for $500 and in order to reserve yours, you’ll need to put down $49 of the total price. The demand for this thing […]

Apple Responsible for BlackBerry PlayBook Delay?


Apple may be the culprit behind Research in Motion‘s delayed launch of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, which is now said to be delayed for up to a month after the April 19th release date. According to a report by DigiTimes, RIM may be having difficulties in securing enough touchscreen displays for the company’s $500 7-inch […]