PlayStation 4

Microsoft, announcing more details about the Xbox One at E3 2013.

E3 2014: 3 Big Trends to Look For

Soon the world will watch as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all battle for the attention of gamers. Make no mistake, the stakes for each company at the Electronic...
A common PS4 problem is the console randomly turning off.

The Next PS4 Update Is Almost Here

PS4 owners in North America and Europe are in for treat this coming Wednesday. It’s on that day that Sony will begin rolling out the PS4 1.70 update that contai...
PS4 game selection is growing in 2014.

PS4 Games List: 101 New Games for 2014

A new PS4 Games list shows every game that will come to the PS4 this year and when you can expect to play them. This includes Destiny, Watch Dogs, Elder Scrolls...