Galaxy Player 5.8 Announced; Is This What to Expect for the Galaxy Note 2?


Samsung has recently unveiled its Galaxy Player 5.8, a personal and portable media player with a larger 5.8-inch display that straddles the media player market that’s traditionally dominated by Apple’s iPod series as well as the tablet sphere. The device has a 5.8-inch LCD display panel with a qHD 960 X 540-pixel resolution. The display […]

Sony Announces Walkman F800 Media Player With Android 4.0 ICS


Ahead of Samsung’s rumored Ice Cream Sandwich-powered portable media player, Sony has announced its latest Walkman F800 PMP with Android Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. As the device comes pre-loaded with Android, users will have access to Google’s Play Store to download apps, games, and content including music, TV shows, movies, and magazines […]

HTC Patent Reveals Competitor to iPod Touch, Galaxy Player


After having been in the smartphone business for over a decade, HTC may be looking to expand its product portfolio. A recent patent application filed in early 2011 reveals that HTC may be looking to expand its ecosystem and create a media player, or phone-less handheld device that connects to the Internet only via WiFi, […]

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 to Battle iPod touch in U.S.

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6 Coming to U.S. to Battle iPod touch

At last year’s IFA conference in Berlin, Samsung announced a device called the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 3.6, a portable music player that uses Android 2.3 Gingerbread as its operating system. It’s an intriguing device and one that is squarely aimed at Apple’s iPod touch. Well, for those interested in the United States, Samsung has […]

Nokia Responds to Alleged 3-Inch ‘Tablet’ Leaks


When Nokia took the stage in New York City with carrier partner T-Mobile USA, various news outlets were reporting that Nokia was either working on a 3-inch tablet or media player. Right now, the company says that the information that was reported earlier was all a misunderstanding by various hopeful blogs. The device that was […]

Sony Walkman Z1000 Android PMP Headed to U.S.


After announcing that it would absorb Ericsson’s interest in Sony Ericsson and bring smartphones in-house, Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony has announced at the Consumer Electronics Show that its portable media player, the Walkman Z1000, will be headed to the U.S. market. Essentially, the PMP is a connected media player that runs Android Gingerbread and […]

Is Nokia Working on the Next ‘Zune’ or Lumia Player?


At the T-Mobile USA press event unveiling the U.S. arrival of the Windows Phone-powered Lumia 710 on the carrier’s network, Nokia was showing off a 3-inch device sans any buttons. The device is described as a ‘pocket tablet’ that lacks any wireless mobile broadband connectivity, meaning that it will either connect to the Internet via […]

Sony Walkman NW-Z1000 iPod Touch Competitor Spotted at FCC


Sony is prepping a new portable music player with the Walkman branding and large touchscreen that will utilize the Android operating system in the form of the NW-Z1000, which was recently spotted at the FCC for U.S. regulatory approval. The device would be positioned as not just an iPod Touch competitor, but Sony’s latest Walkman […]

Next Gen iPod Touch Only Getting Small Upgrade: This Is Not A Tragedy

iPod Touch

By all accounts, the iPhone 5 that’s due to be officially announced in October will have plenty of new features and design elements to entice current owners and draw even more consumers into the Apple fold. The same might not be true for the iPod Touch. According to sources for MacRumors and TechCrunch, the iPod […]

White iPod Touch Coming in October with Very Minor Hardware Changes


Apple is expected to debut an updated iPod Touch model this Fall alongside the much rumored iPhone 4S and/or iPhone 5 smartphone models. The new iPod Touch, like the iPhone before it, will be made available in white where the front screen bezel would be white. Additionally, according to MacRumors, there will also be some […]

iOS 5 Ushers in the End of the iPod Era


On October 23, 2001, Apple had asked the world to say ‘goodbye to your hardrive’ with the debut of the first iPod, a consumer device that propelled the digital music revolution and made Apple a household name. Almost a full decade later, Apple continues to ask the world to bid adieu to their hardrives, but […]

Philips Releases GoGear Android ‘Touch’ PMP

Photo of the Philips GoGear Connect

Philips is launching its GoGear music player as a direct competitor to the market-leading Apple iPod Touch, except that the GoGear runs the Android OS instead of Apple’s iOS software. The GoGear will run Google’s current latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS for smartphones, except the GoGear will eschew the phone and mobile broadband wireless radio […]

Apple to Add Camera to 7th-Generation iPad Nano?

7th-gen iPod nano

A leaked image of an iPod Nano case reveals a hole in the rear of the square-shaped music player suggesting that Apple may add a camera to the next revision of the Nano. Though the photo has appeared on the blog, the blog says that the authenticity of the image could not be verified. […]

New Archos Tablets to Come with ‘Disruptive 3G’ Tech to Get Carrier Adoption


While Archos has been making a number of portable media players–tablets and music listening devices–that run on the Android operating system, none of those systems released to date come with mobile broadband 3G access, placing Archos at a disadvantage against players like Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Motorola’s Xoom Honeycomb tablets. That’s about to change as […]

Galaxy S WiFi 5.0 is a Larger Galaxy Player

samsung galaxy s wifi 50 Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 5

It looks like Samsung is continuing its push into the portable music player (PMP) market that has been dominated by Apple’s iPod and with players such as Microsoft’s Zune. After releasing the Galaxy Player last year as a Samsung Galaxy S sans phone–like how the iPod Touch is an iPhone without the phone feature–the Korean […]

Android-Based Creative Zen Touch 2 Awaits FCC to Challenge iPod Touch


It looks like there is renewed interest in the touchscreen portable music player market that’s being dominated by Apple’s iPod Touch. Creative is the latest challenger in the market, and the company is hoping that the FCC will approve its Zen Touch 2 as the next iPod Touch-killer. Other notable phone-less music players powered by […]

Android Cowon D3 Plenue PMP to Challenge Galaxy Player, iPod Touch


The Cowon D3 Plenue is an Android 2.1-powered music player that looks like a phone, but eschews the phone radio to be a portable music player. With a touchscreen, smartphone OS, and a number of high-end features, the device will compete in the same market as Apple’s iPod Touch and Samsung’s Galaxy Player. The device […]