6 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone and iPad

calendars 5 by readdle on ipad

The built-in iOS calendar app offers only the basics for handling a person’s schedule, so we went looking for the best replacement calendar apps for iPhone and iPad. The six calendar apps include some that work only on the iPhone while others run natively on both the iPhone and iPad. We believe any of these […]

Tablets and Simplicity. A Quest or a Reality?


Perhaps it is because I’m getting older, or rather that I on the side of the mountain where I realize I have less steps ahead of me in life than I have already taken on the journey. Or perhaps it is just because no matter how hard I try, I seem to be busier and […]

Pocket Informant App Free On Amazon Today

Pocket Informant

Today’s free Amazon app is , a planner/calendar/tasks app that syncs with Google’s servers as well as offering a wealth of features to keep you organized. The ability to sync with Google Tasks is huge for me, as I’m always looking for a tasks/to-do list that I can use on my phone and the desktop. […]