iOS 6 Jailbreak: Bright Future as Hackers Join Forces

iOS 6 jailbreak pod2g

The prospect of a swift iOS 6 jailbreak release improves as hackers team up to work on the new iOS 6 jailbreak, even as some in the scene take an opposing view. The collaborative efforts to jailbreak the latest version of iOS is reminiscent of the hacker dream team which came together to bring the iPhone 4S […]

Pod2G Turns Attention Back to iOS 6 Jailbreak

Video thumbnail for youtube video Pod2G Turns Attention Back to iOS 6 Jailbreak

Famed iOS hacker pod2g is ready to focus on the iOS 6 jailbreak now that his new iPad app podDJ is live in the App Store. You probably know Pod2g for his work on the iOS 6 jailbreak and for his role in providing an iPhone 4S jailbreak last year, but his new app is […]

iOS 6 Jailbreak Fakes Pod2G & Chronic Dev Team to Rip Off Jailbreakers

iOS 6 jailbreak fake Chronic Dev Team

A new iOS 6 jailbreak site claims that pod2g and the Chronic Dev Team released Absinthe v3 with an iPhone 5 jailbreak and other Apple devices running iOS 6 and iOS 6.0.1. The tool claims to offer an iPhone 4S jailbreak, iPad 4th generation jailbreak, iPad mini jailbreak and all other current Apple iPhone, iPad […]

iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Will Work on Most Devices

iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak Will Work on Most Devices

The developer behind the upcoming iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak has announced that the jailbreak should work on most of Apple’s devices. Only a short time ago, pod2g, wasn’t sure if the upcoming untethered iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak would work for iPhone 3GS users. However, it appears that he is now very confident that the jailbreak will […]

iOS 5.1 Jailbreak for iPhone 4S & New iPad Exploits Discovered

Jailbreak iPhone 4S iOS 51 Untethered

Users may soon be able to jailbreak the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and new iPad 3rd generation thanks to progress by famed iOS hacker Pod2g and the iPhone hacking community. Pod2g was an integral member of the iPhone Hacking Dream Team that delivered the iPhone 4S jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1. This week Pod2g announced that […]

Work Starts on iPhone 4S Jailbreak for iOS 5.1

iPhone 4S Absinthe Jailbreak App

Now that Apple has released iOS 5.1 to the masses, work has started on a jailbreak for the iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and the new iPad. pod2g, a member of the iOS Dream Team, announced that he is “working actively on finding vulnerabilities in 5.1.” The announcement came on Twitter in response to a user […]

iPad 3 Jailbreak: Why It Won’t Happen Overnight

iPad 3 jailbreak

“Can I jailbreak the iPad 3?” That’s the question I’ve been asked in a number of emails this week. Even though the iPad 3 isn’t released, or even announced, people want to jailbreak the new iPad in order to install their favorite non-Apple approved apps and tweaks. Read: iPad 3 Release Date If you want […]

iPhone 4S Jailbreak Status: iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Wait Almost Over

iPhone 4S Jailbreak

The iPhone 4S jailbreak is getting closer thanks to the formation of a team of hackers including pod2g and both major dev teams. This weekend we were treated to a video of an untethered iPhone 4S jailbreak, on an iPhone 4S with iOS 5.0.1. The video of a jailbroken iPhone 4S comes via Dustin Howett, who is a part fo […]