Pogoplug Family Review: Awesome Online Backup and Storage Deal

pogoplug series 4

The new Pogoplug Family is a new service that backs up more data for a lower price and adds faster local backup to Pogoplug devices. The Pogoplug Family plan offers 1 TB of storage via Amazon Glacier for $99 a year, cheaper than cloud storage services like DropBox or SugarSync. The Pogoplug Series 4 and Classic devices connect […]

PogoPlug Crushing Competition with 1TB of Cloud Storage for $99 a Year


PogoPlug offers some unique ways to do cloud storage using your own hard drives by interfacing with their software, website and PogoPlug devices, but they took a huge leap forward today announcing new PogoPlug with Amazon Glacier built-in. This gives consumers up to 1 TB of offsite cloud storage for only $99/year making it much […]

Pogoplug Adds Cloud Storage to the Mix


Pogoplug added a new feature to their collection of devices and software used to let you create your own personal cloud of storage and streaming. In addition to the Pogoplug device, Pogoplug Mobile and the Pogoplug Desktop software, today the company added cloud-based backup, storage and streaming. To catch you up, Pogoplug’s devices and software […]

Pogoplug Mobile: Create Your Own Home-Based Cloud Storage System

Pogoplug Mobile

Pogoplug announced a new device, the Pogoplug Mobile, which streams media from a connected external USB hard drive or an SD card to any Android or iOS device or to your computer through the Internet. The updated mobile apps will also help you automatically backup your videos and photos taken on the go to the […]

Pogoplug Software Turns Your Computers Into Cloud Storage Hubs (Early Access)

Pogoplug iPhone App

Pogoplug is updating their service to turn your computer into your own personal cloud storage hub essentially eliminating the need for one of the company’s Pogoplug hardware devices, although it will work with those devices too. Here are 9 cool new features that make Pogoplug a suitable replacement for Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, Google Music […]

PogoPlug’s Next Device To Improve Video Streaming


The makers of one of my favorite gadgets, The PogoPlug see the shape of things to come (read web HD video) and the next PogoPlug device, appropriately called the PogoPlug Video. The PogoPlug video is built to help you stream that video from your own little personal cloud to whatever device you want to glue […]

PogoPlug Releases App for iPad


I’m looking forward to trying this out. PogoPlug have released the PogoPlug HD App for the iPad. It contains all of what you would expect from the makers of PogoPlug, allowing you to access your data or stream media from your own personal PogoPlug cloud. But as you can see from the press release there […]

Pogoplug Biz, Wireless Extender Now Shipping


Pogoplug announced the availability of the Pogoplug Biz and the PogoPlug WiFi Adapter. The Pogoplug Biz is a device aimed at small business that allows them to create a data cloud that can be accessed by clients. The wireless extender allows any PogoPlug to hop on a Wi-Fi network rather than having to stay within […]

PogoPlug Goes Wireless and Drops Price

Gmail - When users ask, Pogoplug delivers! - waywtc@gmail.com-1

The makers of PogoPlug have just announced a new twist for all those PogoPlug users out there. The PogoPlug Wireless Extender makes any existing PogoPlug WiFi enabled. In essence your PogoPlug device can live anywhere in your house or office and not have to be attached to network router or wired Ethernet port. What’s great […]

Pogoplug Biz: A Private Cloud For Your Small Business


Cloud Engines introduced the Pogoplug Biz, a device that allows people to quickly and easily set up private clouds for their small businesses or small groups. The device is very similar to the Pogoplug, which our own Warner Crocker often raves about, but has a few extra bells and whistles. The Pogoplug Biz allows you […]

PogoPlug Announces Printing From Any Device


The PogoPlug is one of my favorite solutions for backing things up. I call it my own personal cloud. Well, they’ve just recently announced a new feature that will allow printing from just about any device. “Web printing” will allow users to print documents from mobile gadgets from iDevices, to Android, and other mobile platforms.  […]

What to Get Your Favorite Tableteer for Christmas


Tableteers, like Geeks of all stripes, love to see gadgets and gear under the Christmas Tree or in their stocking. Of course a new Tablet will certainly endear you to any Tableteer (or would be Tableteer) out there. But there is a range of gift ideas that don’t involve purchasing a Tablet that can brighten […]

PogoPlug App Now Available for Android


PogoPlug fans that use Android devices can now access their files stored on their PogoPlug. Android users can find it on the Android Marketplace. It looks like the App was released  a few days ago and PogoPlugged website does contain this caveat: Minor note: The upcoming media filtering features of the Pogoplug V2 software and […]

PogoPlug Unveils New Hardware and Features

Pogoplug2 Front-1

One of my favorite devices, the PogoPlug, is getting an update. There’s a new hardware version and also a host of new features. If you’ve been following along here on GBM, I use a PogoPlug as my own personal cloud, storing data on a drive connected to the PogoPlug that I can access from any […]

Call Me A Redundant Fool, But I Feel Like My Data is Safe


The recent spate of data loss issues is causing quite a bit of good conversation about preserving your data. With Windows 7 on the horizon, quite a few folks will be upgrading older machines or wiping the slate clean and starting afresh with new installs. Before doing either you need to make sure your data […]

PogoPlug and Seagate Offer Up The FreeAgent DockStar


I’m a big fan of PogoPlug. I use it as my own personal cloud storage. Now PogoPlug is teaming up with Seagate to offer the FreeAgent DockStar, which is essentially a dock that allows you to plug in your drive and presto, you’re able to access and share your files via the PogoPlug technology that […]

Hard Drive Crash and a Rescue from my Peronsal PogoPlug Cloud


So, the hard drive on my Apple iMac decided to spin its last spin and head to the place where crashed hard drives go when they die. Fortunately, in the run up to Snow Leopard being released, I had made sure I had not only backed everything up, but done so with redundancy. I don’t […]

iPhone 3.0 OS Updates Underway and Causing the Usual Problems


Call this news that isn’t news, but some users are reporting that Apple’s authentication servers are buckling under the load and this of course is causing some to have no luck when it comes to updating their iPhones and iPod Touch. Fortunately in my case, everything went smoothly. Both my iPhone 3G and 1st Gen […]

Getting Settled In


Well, today was Intern orientation at Wayside Theatre and that seemed to go well. I left early this evening to head to Totem Pole Playhouse to get settled in company housing before tomorrow morning’s first rehearsal. The house I’m staying in has WiFi so that is a bonus and as I’m blogging this and getting […]