Bamboo Stylus Review

Pastebot 2011-06-21 11.20.18 AM

Over the weekend I posted about Bamboo Paper, an Inking and doodling App for the iPad, that Wacom is marketing along side its Bamboo Stylus for the iPad. I had recently ordered a Bamboo Stylus and it came in this morning. I like what I see and feel. I’ve used and tested quite a few […]

15% Off a PogoSketch Stylus and Fling iPad Gaming Accessory

PogoSketch Stylus

If you are interested in using your iPad for work or play, we have a deal for you. TenOne Designs is offering 15% off their popular PogoSketch Stylus and their Fling Tactile Gaming controller both for the iPad or iPad 2. The PogoSketch Stylus is one of the best writing/inking tools for the iPad or […]

Pressure Sensitive Inking on iPad

Pressure Sensitive Sketching on iPad Demoed - Mac Rumors

TenOneDesign is teasing us with something that might never be. In the video below you can see them using a PogoSketch stylus to Ink on an iPad. Yes, there’s Palm Rejection, but unfortunately the algorithms involved from the InkLet product take advantage of private frameworks and Apple usually rejects Apps that do this as they […]